Why I started wearing less make up

A while ago I shared my daily make-up routine that included a full face – concealer, foundation, two types of eyeliner, mascara, and so on. You can see that here. I even got to the point of doing my eyebrows every single day.

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A few months ago I went on a second date which was also a double date with the guy’s aunt and her boyfriend (talk about meeting the family real quick). In the middle of this date (really like a job interview because his aunt is asking me questions and vetting me to see if I am good enough for her nephew) she complimented me on my skin. (In case you’re wondering, they liked me – YAY!) This really stood out to me because let’s face it; in this day and age compliments are never about your skin. They’re about your eyebrows being on fleek, your flawless contour, or your impeccable smokey-eye. So to be complimented on my skin totally stood out to me.

Fast forward a few weeks later and his cousin sees a picture of us and also compliments my skin and I brought it up to him. He explained to me that his family is really big on having blemish-free skin – that it was a big deal to his cousin when he was still dating, back before he got married. This made me completely rethink my make up regimen and my skin care game. It was the catalyst for me to slowly cut back on the amount of makeup I wore and gave me the drive to take better care of my skin. It started with me no longer doing my eyebrows and is now at the point that I’ve been going out and to work with only eyeliner and mascara. It also gave me the drive to put better things into my body so that I can reap the reward of better skin, which means I now drink more water and eat more veggies.

I’m not saying I will never go out without a beat face again, but I am saying it is quite nice to spend less time getting ready because I am no longer as concerned with hiding my dark circles and ensuring my foundation is seamlessly blended. Am I going to give up my cat-eye eyeliner and voluminous mascara? I do not think so. However, I am sure I will be happy in the long run when I see how much money I save on make up products too, but I will admit that the money may just be redirected to skin care products a la better moisturizers, face wash, toners, and so on.

So tell me, why do you wear make-up or if you’ve been cutting back, what sparked your decision?

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  1. Great post Michelle! I’ve been thinking about doing less make up as well but I need to get my skin in gear first. Would love to know your skin care routine.

    1. Hey Crista! I’ve been trying every skin care product in the Play by Sephora subscription box. I’m still trying to come up with a routine that works well for me. The big changes I’ve made is ensuring I get ALL of my eyeliner and mascara off and drinking more water. Once I’ve got a routine going I will definitely share it!

  2. I wear makeup to cover up my dark circles. I don’t wear makeup everyday but my skin is fairly good to me now a days, my acne scarring is minimal. I do my eyebrows everyday but that’s it, sometimes some eyeliner. I don’t wear it everyday simply because it will make my skin break out. So I wear it on special occasions or when I just want to look flawless.

    1. I think I’ve worn a full face of make up twice in the last month – once for my birthday and the other for a night out on the town. I do still like getting glammed up from time to time but I like being able to sleep a few extra minutes in the morning a lot more too! Haha

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