why do these 6 trends exist?

Let’s be honest, some trends we love, and just cannot get enough of and others we loathe and wonder why anyone thought it was a good idea. Sometimes, my mind changes though. For one, I used to hate skinny jeans and peep toe pumps as a teenager. I also couldn’t understand why anyone thought leggings were suitable bottoms. Today, I own countless pairs of skinny jeans and somewhere in my  college partying life I owned quite a few pairs of peep toe pumps as well. And if you ask anyone that knows me personally, I own multiple pairs of leggings, and I find them to be extremely comfortable, and think they offer a wide range of motion.

    • Matching sets –

      from thefashionspot.com
      at the beginning of this trend season I thought that matching sets were cute. Who wouldn’t love to wear high-waist paints with a flowing crop top in the same print? Now, I am so over it. After seeing pictures of almost ALL of the attendees at a soca event in varying palm and floral prints I definitely think I have seen every single fast fashion version of matching sets and they should all be burnt (except this is bad for the environment, a waste of fabric, and isn’t good sustainable fashion practice but you get my point.

  • Tights as pants –
     from editseven.ca
    Alia Michele put it very well. Let’s please let this trend go back to wherever it was buried.
  • Close toe mules –
    from trufflesandtrends.com
    Okay guys, have you ever looked at pictures of your mom or aunts from when you were a kid (or earlier) and thought to yourself, “why did anyone think these were a good idea?” Well, I thought this looking at those photos and I think it on a constant basis lately whenever I see someone in a pair. Do not get me wrong, I am not averse to mules. I own what I feel is the cutest pair ever (like my Barbie had when I was a kid) but I have yet to see a close toe variant that I thought was a good design concept and therefore, I feel like they should not have ever been executed back then or now. It’s like a bedroom slipper with a heel.
  • Cut out dresses
    from osochic.com
    I was hoping this trend would pass quickly but it has been around for a few years. I can’t stand a cut out in a dress. Maybe it is my architectural degree and being trained that “form follows function” but what purpose does eliminating a patch of fabric from your midsection in a dress serve? Extra ventilation? To me it says, this dress was boring so I jazzed it up by cutting out this window pane of fabric.
  • Visible nipple covers –
    from scoopnest.com
    “Underwear you wear, underwear you cannot see” was drilled into my cabesa as a child. Albeit, I’ve never cared if you could see my bra straps or not as long as I wasn’t in a professional setting. But, why baby girls?
  • Socks and heels –
    from theclck.com
    I don’t get it. Are you working out in the shoes and the socks are for sweat absorption and stink prevention? Is it cold, and if it is why not wear a shoe that is warmer? Another case of, form follows function for me, I believe. Please explain!

Are there any trends you’re having or have had a hard time with? Let me know in the comments!

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