Travel Diaries: Villa Vizcaya, Miami

A few weekends ago, I made the trek down to sunny Miami with the aim of going to Villa Vizcaya. If you don’t know, I’m an architectural and interior designer at a boutique firm that does high end residential so this trip was right up my alley. Miami was hot! Way too hot but Villa Vizcaya was a sight to behold.

Villa Vizcaya was owned by Deering who was an agriculturalist way back in the day. It is built along the shore, is bordered by mangroves, and has a concrete breakwater cast in the form of a ship. It looks like it is most likely a nightmare to secure during hurricane season. The villa was popular for using European architectural elements in tropical south Florida. The designers and builders tried to execute the European aesthetic in a climate it wasn’t suited for, using materials they weren’t accustomed to building with. From the looks of the structure that still stands, they were pretty successful. Although, I imagine with the advent of AC the rooms probably got a lot cooler.

If you do decide to pay Vizcaya a visit, you will find architectural and garden elements from the Baroque, Mediterranean Revival, and Tuscan Italian Renaissance styles. Here are some more photos for you!

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