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California as a destination has been on my list of places to go in the US even before I moved here. My dad had been to California for work and I was determined to find my way there somewhere in the four years I was in college when I started. Now, I am actually into my fifth year of college, so that was a little wrong but I finally made my way to California. I wanted to go to California because I spent the first 18 years of my life on the Atlantic. I’d seen Atlantic sunrises and sunsets. I’ve spent my last four years on the Gulf of Mexico, I’ve seen sunsets no sunrises. I needed to see a sunset on the Pacific, anyone who knows me knows I thoroughly enjoy slowing down and watching the sun set.

Every semester the professors in the design studios pick a place and take the students in their studios there. So far, I have been to Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; South Beach, Florida; Manhattan, New York; Denver, Colorado; and Chicago, Illinois for studio trips. What was different about this trip was that I actually wasn’t in the professor’s studio as I took the class over the summer. I approached him because I wanted to go and asked him if he would be fine with me tagging along if I was willing to pay. So then I approached my parents and bit my fingernails for a couple of days after I was given the price. Then a few days later when I no longer had any fingernails I was told yes I could go.

Now tell me, who is the luckiest girl in the world? I am not in the studio but I am getting to go on this trip? I was bouncing off the walls like a rubber bumper ball. I was never excited to go on any other design trip because the place was somewhere I actively wanted to go. Here I was not in this studio but ready and rearing to go. And the best thing about this trip is that I didn’t have to return to Tampa and design something for the class. Haha! It was purely for vacation right in the middle of my semester. Let’s just say I cannot complain this semester.

Before I left, two things were on my list to see of things I couldn’t leave San Francisco without seeing. The first would be the Painted Ladies – those houses in the intro to Full House and a sunset on Fisherman’s Wharf – because I have a weakness for sunsets and finally I get to see one on the Pacific Ocean. Truthfully, the Golden Gate Bridge wasn’t even on my list. I got to see the two things that were on my list and so many more. We didn’t leave the hilly city of San Francisco and I definitely want to go back to see what it is like beyond the city.

The first thing I noticed out of the airport is that the women’s calves were huge. It did not occur to me exactly how hilly San Francisco was until I was walking these hills myself. My calves certainly got a work out from this trip. There were tons of bums, an amount that seemed to me to be even more than the amount in Guyana. One bum sat on the sidewalk holding a bunch of branches and leaves and would jump out and scare women when they walked past him – of course, I doubled over in laughter when I saw him do this. San Francisco, unlike any other place I’ve been in the US didn’t only have trash and recycle bins but they also had a compost bin – what a green state!

So now if you’re still reading this, and you haven’t just skipped all the text to get to the eye candy, without further ado here is San Francisco through my brown eyes and iPhone camera.

IMG_7134I loved the way the vines had almost entirely covered the facade of this building! Vertical garden anyone?

IMG_7163This art piece was a multitude of strings with beads of some sort in different places to create an illusion of people when they were all together. How great is your mind to come up with something that is as amazing as this?

IMG_7201And of course, the Painted Ladies. These houses are famous for their appearance in Full House and apparently in other tv shows and movies. It is a cliche San Francisco tourist photo but who can go to San Francisco and not see these houses? They are Victorian Style houses and you can read more about them here.

IMG_7204and more pretty Painted Ladies!

IMG_7210This is Untitled by Ruth Asawa, it’s made from copper and brass wire.

IMG_7247San Francisco skyline!

IMG_7251and a sunset on the Pacific… thanks mom and dad, I can scratch something off of my bucketlist!

IMG_7387so what would this post be without a San Francisco cable car?!


IMG_7263and Chinatown!



IMG_7365and for some boats because here is another one of my weaknesses..

IMG_7359and I love this capture! I love the shades of blue and green in the water and how poetic the tiny sale boat is in the shadow of the huge Golden Gate Bridge!

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  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad you’ve been able to finally be in California like you’ve always wanted 🙂 I would love to visit San Francisco and your blog post just made my wanderlust grow even more!! Here’s to many more travels! 😉 xo

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