Travel Diaries: Explore Guyana

A few weekends ago, I went on a little road trip to a place in Guyana called Parika. Parika is on the Essequibo River (the largest river in Guyana). I wanted to use this platform to showcase the beauty of places in Guyana and decided to share a few photos from this road trip with you here.

Sunday is market day in Parika. The market is very close to the stelling, better known as a dock in other parts of the world. A lot of the farmers and vendors who live and grow their crops/produce along the river use speed boats to get their crops to the market for sale. This means, the freshest of the fresh when it comes to your vegetables.

This includes water coconuts which are a splendid way to cool down after you’ve been ambling about in the hot equatorial sun snagging your merchandise.

The coconut water vendors will open your water coconut for you right there on the road side for you to slurp up the cold deliciousness.

And then he will cut it open for the extra treat of that sweet, sweet, coconut jelly.

Life in the Caribbean is as sweet as that coconut jelly meat!

All photos by me.

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