Feature Interview: Kerry-Ann Clarke of KerryMWH

Kerry-Ann Clarke is the owner of the boutique Kerry ManWomanHome in Jamaica. She is founder of The Collection Moda – Jamaica’s premier fashion event, studied at Parsons School of Design, and interned at Vogue. I had a virtual sit down with this Caribbean boss babe and now you get to read all about it!

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Outfit Post: Randy Madray’s Floral Skirt

Last November, I went to the Strut II runway show put on by Traits Model Management in Guyana. I saw a plethora of Guyanese designers and a Caribbean designer and fell in love with one skirt in specific. It was this black floral skirt by gown and carnival costume designer – Randy Madray. Read More

2018 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone announced the 2018 color of the year as ultra violet. It’s purple! Despite almost everything being fuchsia on this blog, I have to admit purple is actually my favorite color. So today, I’d decided to open the year with you guys by sharing some of my favorite purple items.

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2017 X The Burning House by Stephanie Ramlogan

2017 was a doozy.

Every year people get on social media and go on and on about how terrible their year was and how they can’t wait on the next one. Usually, I think they’re being overly dramatic. This year, I can kind of understand why.

On Jan 1st, I had the job of my dreams that I somehow managed to score straight out of school, my family’s health was all well, and I had a boyfriend I was pretty smitten with. Somewhere in the third quarter of the previous year I slid in the DMs of a guy that I thought had a nice beard, we struck up a convo, one thing led to another and we were on a first date. For those of you that know me personally, you will know exactly who he is. He has one of the most adorable and boyish grins with a vampire bite – his canines are longer than the rest of his teeth and one of his front teeth is slightly more crooked than the other; and there’s a dimple.  I was pleasantly surprised that someone that I thought was that cute, who spent time on the daily in the gym and had a body to show for it could possibly be as sweet and caring as he was. Fast forward to a week before my birthday, he called it quits for exactly the reason I did not want to get into a relationship. To say I was devastated would be an understatement.

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