Feature Interview: Brooke Glasford x wear Brooke

Today’s with love from Guyana designer feature is of a Guyanese designer who has launched her line within the last year. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Brooke Glasford, keep on reading…

What sparked your interest in fashion and made you want to work in this industry?
There was always something innate that drew me to clothing. I’ll never forget being in Prep B and my classmates’ mothers’ asking me for style advice, or where they could go to buy something. I think I’m a little obsessed with fashion to be honest– I’m constantly in awe of new interpretations of old designs, and fabrications and I make an effort to consistently learn about the history of clothing and the way that it connects to architecture, engineering, and life in general. In much the same way I’m a businesswoman and buying behavior and retail trends are very, very interesting to me so the business of fashion became the natural path of my career.

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Feature Interview: Kimon Baptiste from Kimmysticclo

Today’s feature interview is of Kimon Baptiste.

What peaked your interest in fashion and made you want to be a fashion designer?
I am not sure, I think I always wanted to be involved in fashion even as a young girl growing up, I was surrounded by seamstresses and creative persons, my grandmothers, aunts even my mother was creative as she taught me all the different types of decorative stitches, how to knit, and also how to use a sewing machine, so working with my hands and bringing creative ideas to life was always something that was encouraged in my family.

How would you describe your brand, your designs, and your style?
Uuuummm…. three words; colourful, sophisticated and chic.

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Feature Interview: Ashlee Douglas of Merch Carnival

It is with great honour that I get to feature Ashlee Douglas of Merch Carnival on the blog for a 2 post piece. Today is the first of the 2 part installment and we get to learn about the Merch Carnival brand. I promise that you will definitely want to come back for the second part!


How did Merch Carnival come to be?
I began my e-commerce business in 2012 during my sophomore year of college. I started with selling embroidered snapbacks. Initially, I planned on it being a temporary thing, make a 48 hats and once they were sold I was done, but I really enjoyed having something of my own and decided to really think through what I wanted as a business and a brand. I wanted to create a brand that not only exemplifies West Indian Pride, but showcases the work of Caribbean-based or Caribbean-inspired designers and producers. MerchCarnival officially opened May 2014 and is a product of my love for my Caribbean heritage, the people, and the culture that I am a part of and experience in my travels. The past 2 years, I have focused on MerchCarnival as an apparel label. I am now in the beginning stages of making MerchCarnival into a curated marketplace that features several caribbean designers.

What types of services are offered?
MerchCarnival provides an online platform for brands to sell their goods and reach potential customers around the world. We also have fulfillment and shipping services. Throughout the year we participate or host pop up shops and vend at various festivals. All of our brands are featured at each event. So all one has to do is ship their goods to us.

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Feature Interview: KTReed from KTR Collection

I cannot remember when it is that I discovered KTReed but I know ever since then I have been amazed by the clothing she designs. I am always drawn by her flirty and chic innate style and impressed by her ability to pair colors and patterns so well. She is definitely one of my favorite style icons as you can read here in a post I wrote over a year ago.

She recently quit her 9 to 5 to pursue a her dream job, something so many of us would like to do but are scared to. She is definitely someone that I find incredibly inspiring as she does what she loves for a living. She wrote about that here.

I got to have a virtual sit down with her as I wanted to know her better, and of course I wanted to share her with my readers, as I find her to be such an inspiring and stylish lady.

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Feature Interview: Ayanna Dixon

I am a huge fan of fashion illustrations, and as you know already know I am a huge supporter of Caribbean designers and all things (that I like) created in the Caribbean or by Caribbean creatives. Ayanna Dixon just so happens to be the very first Caribbean fashion illustrator I’ve come across, and I am just in love with her illustration style. So, I of course, had to feature her and share her with my readers. Mind you, I write this post as I drink my morning coffee out of my Ayanna Dixon illustrated coffee mug.

Daniel Hew6


Without further ado,

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