Adrian Foster’s 5-step guide to creating a capsule work wardrobe

To begin, clear out your closet! Without having anything in your closet, you can easily put together your capsule. Afterwards, you can then determine what staple pieces are missing from your selection you’ll later need to invest in.
 First things first, select a based color. Choose between Navy or Black.
Black is an all-around great base color to use because it goes with so many other colors.If you would rather not use black, then navy or even gray also goes well with several other colors.  If you don’t like navy, black, or gray, you can use a shade of brown as your base instead.

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Cutting my hair off…

Having cut and grown my hair out multiple times, I’ve experienced quite a few things in relation to hair and a woman’s looks that have left me feeling some type of way.

Let’s rewind almost ten years… The first time I cut my hair off I was still in high school. I went from hair that stretched down to the middle of my back to hair that I could not fit into a ponytail. I decided to grow my hair a lot longer than I usually kept it so that I could donate it to Locks of Love. It was a pretty nerve racking experience. I can remember gasping with the first scissor snip but by this time, there was no turning back. A few months later I moved to a new school and got the reassurance I needed when one of the teacher’s had peach fuzz because she was fighting cancer. All of my regret, that was mostly brought along by other people’s comments, was erased on the very first day of school.

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