T-Shirt Time!

Let me preface this post by sharing this with you.


Now on to the t-shirts I’ve had my eyes on for some time. I’ve never been a fan of graphic tees. All but two of my t-shirts are either striped or plain. However, I do like these but $10 is pushing it for a t-shirt for me, much less $39.

get it from sincerelyjules.bigcartel.com

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All black vs. All white

Some time during this week, I read a blog post that mentioned wearing all black vs all white outfits by Gracey from Stripes and Peonies. With a little thought, I came to the realization that I’d never actually worn an all white outfit but I have worn all black outfits on numerous occasions.

Then today, I went to lunch at Kaleisia – a cute little Japanese tea house place that sells vegan meals – with a friend who had on all black. She mentioned it and pointed out that it wasn’t planned and she realized it after she’d gotten dressed but didn’t bother to change. So here I was having all white vs all black outfit thoughts again and she too mentioned she’d never worn an all white outfit. Will our first times be our wedding days?

Do I not wear all white because I’m a dirty person? The truth is I have white skirts, pants and shirts but it has never crossed my mind to pair them together. To me, all black seems to be more edgy, and truthfully it won’t show as much when I spill soy sauce from Kaleisia’s Asian Noodles on myself . Plus, one of my friends say art students tend to be the ones dressed in head to toe black more often.

Do you prefer one to the other?

from thepreppyhippy.tumblr.com

from shopdailychic.com

from thestylespy.com

Colors seem to pop against all black outfits as opposed to all white outfits.

from lolobu.com

from locksandtrinkets.com

from celebuzz.com

from worldinsidepictures.com

Do you prefer all black or all white? Let me know in the comments below!

Designer Spotlight: Lever Couture

While I have to admit that I am a few years late on this one, as this show occurred before my interest in the fashion industry grew really, I just have to share it. They’re not quite the type of garment I’d wear on an everyday basis, and to be quite honest, they surely aren’t garments I’d wear to a formal function, but they are dresses that I would ooh and aah over and not buy because of their impracticality. Do pardon me while I sound like my mum.

from weissesrauschen.tumblr.com

from chicagotribune.com

from gofeminin.de

from gofeminin.de

The folds, the layers, the detail and time put into every single one of these dresses is simply incredible. What do you think?



Ciara at the 2014 Grammys


I didn’t watch the Grammys last night, not my cup of coffee. However, I did tweet watch to know whose performances I should look for today. I also saw a few of the red carpet looks and Ciara and her baby bump definitely stood out to me in a nude floor length gown accented with golden sequins.

Here she is.

from huffingtonpost.com

from popsugar.com

from popsugar.com

Paper Dresses


In my freshman year, one of the grad school elective classes created fashions out of paper. I was absolutely awestruck. I must say that as a little girl still into Barbie I was utterly convinced that I’d be a fashion designer. So from time to time I google things that I am interested in, and I have wanted to share these for a while.



Here are close ups of one creation.

And, to finish this post off, if you click here you’ll be amazed by a collection of dresses made out of pink toilet paper in honour of breast cancer month a few years ago. Enjoy!