Currently Coveting: The Apartment Edition

Having moved into a new apartment, there were a few things on my list of must haves. Some of them I have wanted for a very long time, others I have spotted recently. I decided to share these with you today.


  • one – A macrame plant hanger. I am super excited to try making one myself. This one is from
  • two – A Baroque mirror. This one is from Ikea.
  • three – The original version of this chair is the Louis Ghost Chair which has a pretty interesting history and goes for a pretty hefty price. To get your own, search google for the knock offs, and if you need some inspiration, check here.
  • four – Tropical plants, this one specifically is a bird of paradise. I love the idea of big, green leafs indoor. For ideas on how to add them to your space, see a previous post here.
  • five  – Planters to add more green to your space. This one from Earth Bound Trading.
  • six – agate coasters
  • seven – The BaliHai series of place mats are sure to add a tropical feeling to your homes. They come in a variety of leaf types.

Currently Coveting: Casetify phone cases

Once upon a time, I had a cellphone that took a beating and lasted for years. Not really, I have always been tough on my mobile devices. So it more goes along the lines of once upon a time, I had a Nokia, it was a trooper, took a beating and lasted forever.

However, I have to admit that these days they just do not make cellphones the way they used to. In all the years I’ve had an iPhone I haven’t gone a single day without a case. The good thing that has come out of the fragility of modern cellphones is the variety of phone cases we get to choose from. So many different styles and something to suit everyone’s tastes. They’re essentially another way to accessorize an outfit. And here are a few of my favorites – which are all works of art.


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