Feature Interview: Abenah Adelaide

I happened upon Abenah Adelaide because of a stunning beaded necklace. I loved the colors and the texture and I wanted to add it to my closet. Having been so taken by this necklace, I wanted to share  – Abenah Gonzalez, a Jamaican designer with my readers.


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Feature Interview: ShopShari

Back in February, around Carnival, when costume pictures were all over my social media feeds I came across these necklaces paired with the costumes and Monday wear and I just couldn’t get enough of them. They were a juxtaposition of bright patterns that were paired so perfectly with each other – I truly do believe that this is a talent. I wanted to get my hands on a necklace right then and there. Then as time passed dresses started to pop up made from materials with the very same bright patterns. Their silhouettes were perfectly suited for the Caribbean, so now I needed a necklace and a dress. Then, guess what, skirts! Oh my!

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Anya Ayoung-Chee x ExhibitA

Anyone that knows me well knows that I have the biggest girl crush on Anya Ayoung-Chee. She’s gorgeous but beyond that she’s also talented and has great ideas. I think she was the best designer in her season in Project Runway, that win was definitely deserved. Her designs captured the easy-breezy, flowy, island life of the Caribbean perfectly. So a few months ago when I learnt of Home.TT and ExhibitA I knew I couldn’t go to Trinidad and not pay a visit to the store.

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Feature Interview: Toni Crockett

My New Years Resolution for my blog was to feature creatives from the Caribbean. I feel that we, and by we I mean the Caribbean, have as much talent as the rest of the world but it isn’t known. So my decision to interview and feature Caribbean creative’s is to help showcase the skills and talent that come from the region. Today’s feature interview is with the lovely Toni Crockett from Toni Crockett Design.

IMG_5032 (1)

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Feature Interview: Adrian Foster

Having paid more attention to the Caribbean creative scene in the last few months, when my sister brought home a package from a Trinidadian fashion designer, I was bouncing off of the walls to see exactly what it is she’d bought. Lo and behold, it was the Adrian Foster wrap skirt which I’ve shared an outfit post about here a few posts ago. I sent Adrian an email asking to do a feature interview with him and sat with my fingers crossed in the hopes that he would be open to the idea. I am very happy to say that he was and he also gave me one of the best compliments on my blog that I am yet to receive.

Portrait by Marlon James

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