Social Media Etiquette

Social media is this really weird virtual world where people can become a whole new and completely different persona. This is something that you know if you’re a blogger because so many people preach about being “authentic” because there are so many people that aren’t.

I am so happy that platforms like Snapchat and Instagram did not exist when I was a teenager because I am pretty sure I would have had some major self esteem issues. I went through high school being reminded about how flat my chest was and safe to say it has been almost 10 years and nothing has changed. Now, imagine being an insecure 6 year old with a flat chest seeing all the likes these big bootied, big tittied girls are getting and I’m just here with my small kite frame.

To be honest, social media has its pros and cons. It has created a global connection for people who would not have been able to have any contact with each other a few decades ago. I have met many great bloggers thanks to social media, and discovered lots of artists and fashion designers thanks to Instagram.  Heck, my last relationship was a back and forth of double taps up until I slid right into them DMs.

So, I have a few pet peeves about social media and I am just going to go right ahead and jump into them.


I can only describe this as gassing someone up. Now, I do not want to be thought of as a hater because if I see someone looking extra good in their outfit, if I like their shoes, if their eyebrows are genuinely on fleek then I am sure to comment – even if I do not know the person. What baffles me is when someone leaves a compliment on someone else’s photo with terrible eyebrows telling them that their eyebrows are on fleek or how great their make-up looks when their face is seven shades lighter than their neck and body. Clearly, you and I are seeing the same photo, so are you complimenting this person because they do not look good and you feel that if they continue to not look good that you will in turn look better? Please help me understand!


Let us get this straight and understand this. My likes are my likes. My comments are my comments. Likewise your likes are yours. Me not liking your picture is because your picture does not appeal to me – maybe it is blurry, maybe the content of the picture is not appealing, maybe it is because your eyebrows don’t look good or you did your face to look like Voldemort without a nose and depth and so I feel like your picture is not worthy of my double tap. So, if you have a problem with people not liking your posts, why not bring more appealing posts if you genuinely have an issue with someone being a “lurker.”


So on a regular day I just cannot stand a hypocrite. In case you are unclear as to what a hypocrite is – a hypocrite is someone who condemns something and then does just exactly that thing. Now, I have seen people on social media get up on their pulpits about subtweeting people as opposed to mentioning the people they have an issue with then turn right around and subtweet! You hadda be kidding me! Another instance I’ve seen is someone repeatedly denounce cheating and adultery, someone I knew was a repeat cheater themself. Umm… Hello? Yuh not being serious. I won’t judge anyone on their less than moral decisions or choices but I will judge someone that is a hypocrite. The petty red woman in me may even slyly call them out for it till they get fed up of me and unfriend/unfollow me – yes, I am speaking from experience.

So now that I have got that all off my chest, tell me, what do you like and dislike about social media? Also, can we try to stop being social media hypocrites, thinking we’re entitled to people’s double taps, and gassing people up? Please!

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