Product Review: Immortelle Beauty Candles

Let me open this review by introducing myself as someone who is terrified of open flames. TERRIFIED. When I as a toddler in NYC with my mother, there was a high rise on fire and I saw with my two little eyes, people jumping from their apartments flailing through the dark night sky on fire. Can you imagine the nightmares that I suffered through after that? But to this day, more than 2 decades later, I still have yet to light a flame myself, ever. I stay as far away from open flames as humanly possible. Thank goodness for electric stoves. Up to 4 months ago, you would have never found me burning a candle. So to be able to write this review means that I have come a very long way.

I continuously sing praises of Immortelle Beauty products – the Esscentials skincare line is unrivaled by anything else I have tried (read that review here). The scrub, shave, butter is my go to for date nights and is sometimes a part of my self-care ritual. Kathryn also ensures that her customer service is unrivaled by any other Caribbean brand (which truly isn’t hard) but she also goes beyond some foreign brands as well.

Anyways, Kathryn added a third fragrance to the Immortelle Beauty home scents line and I snagged the trio of minis. I am known to buy things just because they look pretty – the packaging definitely appeals to that trait of mine. The candles arrived nestled snuggly in a white box and I almost didn’t want to take them out to smell them … almost. The trio look luxurious in copper, silver, and gold containers which I cannot wait to re-use as storage for something else on my vanity or in my sewing room. But first, I must burn.

The silver container holds the Basille fragrance and the copper holds the Ambre fragrance. I cannot decide which one of these two scents is my favorite. My dad likes the citron doree (which is the newest) scent in the gold container, so maybe this scent appeals to men. I like that all three scents are understated but are still so aromatic. What this means for me is that I can burn them in a little room or small apartment without having to hear about how overpowering or “sickly sweet” (I hope you get the point I’m trying to get over here) it is.

Would I recommend this product? HELL YES! I burned the citron doree during my yoga practice tonight and the added scent made my daily practice so much better! I plan on surprising my girlfriends with the scents I think they will like for their birthdays this year. If you’re a candle burner then you should definitely get these. They might be the thing to make me let my guard down about open flames. You can get yours here. Right now, only the Basille and Ambre are available in the large sizes.

Kathryn describes her Immortelle Beauty products as “Little Local Luxuries” and to be honest I think that she has hit the nail on the head with that description!

Oh, and before you get to burning make sure you watch Kathryn’s video on youtube that is all about how to take care of your candles! Don’t be like me, trim that wick (Kathryn had to message me to tell me to do it)!

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