First Grad School Pin Up


This weekend proved to not be my best yet. I ordered my supplies last Monday and paid for two to three day shopping. This meant that my supplies should have gotten here by Thursday; Friday the latest. I had pin up today. Guess when my supplies arrived? Today!

This means that I was on the phone ranting and raving Friday afternoon; and all of Saturday. The group of guys that ordered on my card, and I, almost ended up driving up to Gainesville so that we could have our projects done in time. We got our supplies on Saturday evening, and we were ready for pin up. I now have a ton of extra supplies as well; which is good for the inconvenience.

We had to work with two layers of plexi, frost, and a knife; and a sheet of black bristol paper and white ink. Of course we had ideas that we had to incorporate and so on. When we were done creating them individually we then had to put them all together, and make them work as one. One of my plexi pieces, as well as the white ink on bristol is an abstraction of the motherboard of a zune; and the other piece of plexi is off of a reading from a book calledInvisible Cities by Italo Calvino.

Our pin up consisted of the plexi and bristol piece and six black and white photos. Photos are posted below. The first three are my work, and the last three are class shots.



It is official. Fall started two days ago. This morning I opened my apartment door to go to the studio and the temperature was incredibly lower than it was last week. The weather doesn’t seem to be wasting any time here.

On to school. A few weeks ago, the class was given excerpts from a book entitled Invisible Cities to read. These cities did not exist. So what we read, we recreated on paper with a pencil, and some lines and so on. You get the idea, a drawing. But before we got to do this, we were given a typography assignment. It was to be a 6 x 6 spatial assignment of any of the three cities we liked.

This meant I had to research typography projects to get an idea. There was so much out there; and of course I wanted to share. So yet again, I had to limit myself. Here is some of what I came across and liked.


These however, were a little too complex for what our professors were actually looking for. Ours needed to create space yet describe the city at the same time. So here are mine.

Leonid Afremov


I know this has absolutely nothing to do with architecture. It’s very art-y, but architecture is essentially a majestic form of art. Anyone who is anyone knows that different fields of art and design affect each other.

That being said, I’d like to introduce you to Leonid Afremov. A week ago I had no clue who this guy was. A friend introduced me to his works and I must say that it was love at first sight. He is a Russian-Israeli painter; and he is unbelievably talented. But who am I and what do I know to be making such a declaration?

Afremov uses a palette knife and oil paints to create colourful works. His application technique makes his paintings look like mosaics. He uses just about every shade and hue on the colour wheel in each work. He has most definitely created his own style, as you will see below.

Before I started this post I told myself that I’d only post three images of his work. I will admit, it was extremely hard for me to choose just three.

If you’d like to see more of his stuff then click here.