If you remember my first post of the new semester here, there were thin strips of precedent studies. However, they were too small for you to see much of what was going on. So here they are, much bigger.

 I later made more precedent studies for the next project, and here they are below. I know a few of them are iffy because they were done in pencil and didn’t scan too well, for which I am sorry.




I took a photography course last summer and one of our projects was to emulate a photographer. I chose to emulate Xiao Hui Wang’s Close to the Eyes project.



It’s the first day back after Spring Break and I already have something to post! Truly, this project is weeks old that I didn’t finish because Dell and I were fighting. My plan was to work on it while I was home last week but that never happened. So I finished it today because I have midterm pin up this week and everything needs to be done for that.

It is a drawing of the USF Tampa campus REC centre that we then had to manipulate in photoshop.