Paper Dresses


In my freshman year, one of the grad school elective classes created fashions out of paper. I was absolutely awestruck. I must say that as a little girl still into Barbie I was utterly convinced that I’d be a fashion designer. So from time to time I google things that I am interested in, and I have wanted to share these for a while.



Here are close ups of one creation.

And, to finish this post off, if you click here you’ll be amazed by a collection of dresses made out of pink toilet paper in honour of breast cancer month a few years ago. Enjoy!

D2W6: Site Visit


This is my first post from my new Dell XPS. Yep, had my laptop replaced under warranty and i got a free upgrade; which is good because I would have needed it by the end of this year. Two days ago the D2 class did our site visit in downtown Tampa. Our project is to create a “Scholar’s Retreat” for visiting scholars.

We literally have an alley way between two buildings to work with. Literally, it is 9 feet wide. So this week’s project was to study the site and create a graphic that analyzed it.

The site is across the river from the University of Tampa, close to the Curtis Hixon Park, Lykes Gaslight Park and Kiley Gardens. What jumped out to me as soon as we got on to the site was that all of the buildings in that block were made of brick. I immediately knew that I wanted my creation to contrast with it in a complementary fashion. Going off of the bricks, I created a colour palette, which I will most likely be using in my model, to show different features in my graphic. I’ve attached the graphic I made for this project.

This is the idea that I have so far for my model.



It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to grace my blog with any posts. This has been partly due to the fact that my hard drive crashed about three weeks ago and since then Dell and I have been in a back and forth battle trying to get everything wrong with my laptop fixed. It was a daisy chain of repairs that has left me with a terrible distaste for Dell and their lack of efficient customer service. Sorry dad and Jono.

That being said, since my last post, there have been two new projects. I will eventually get around to posting them. My professor said my last one, “Floor and Ceiling” was elegant in its simplicity. My next jury is on Monday and so far he has said that my draft is beautiful.

In a couple of weeks I get to race home to be my sister’s maid-of-honour which I have been looking forward to for a while. I am already anxious about my flights not being delayed, having good weather, and my luggage making it. I’m still waiting on my shoes to get here.

Just after that we go to South Beach on our D2 grad trip which I am looking forward to as well.

I will try to catch up with updates on the projects I haven’t posted about yet.

Happy Friday evening! Hope you enjoy your weekends!

D2W2: The Corner

Branching off from last week’s post where we had to do graphic studies of buildings. This week we had to develop a corner from our final project from last semester. This project was site specific, had a slope, woodlands to the east, and a lake to the south.

As soon as the project was introduced I wanted two things, to work my floor planes into the slope, and to have a horizon view of the lake. In order to achieve the second I knew I wanted the glass to meet in the corner. This is where the sketching and draft models started.

There was some inspiration from the Tea Houses by Swatt Miers. Click here for more on the Tea Houses.

So from these and a few other parti models I moved onto the draft of my final.

And here, my final

Of course there was a jury, and of course the jurers found multiple faults. However, what I will say that I had a Trinidadian jurer and she said it was very tropical and that she was fond of this.