Decorate with the Rainbow!


I am currently interning at an architecture firm in Georgetown, Guyana. This past week, I came across a paint swatch book and of course I had to fan it out and create this.

Lately, pinterest has been seeing a lot of me. For those of you who may not know what it is, which would be a little shocking, it is an online board akin to a cork board that you’d stick movie tickets, Disney passes, photos, reminders, flowers, notes, etc on. However, you can have multiple boards each with it’s own theme and I find it to be a great source of inspiration.

So on pinterest, I searched for art projects and decorative ideas using paint swatches and I certainly was not disappointed. And thus, this post shares the finds that I like the most.

I definitely liked the idea of using paint swatches for a calendar. I know I’d be excited to switch it up every month, using new colours, and doing themes according to seasons or what’s happening in that month.


And for wall art

And these for useful pieces around the house.

I’ll add that one of the best things about colour swatch art or home decor is that paint swatches are free. You just have to walk into the store and pick them up. I understand some people might feel odd walking into Sherwin Williams or Harris Paints (for the Guyanese) but places like Wal-Mart sell paint and have paint swatches for people like you.

The fact that paint swatches are temporary makes them perfect for dorm rooms or seasonal decorations! What makes them even more perfect is the that there is such a wide array of colors to choose from that you will be able to do something that suits everyone’s taste.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2014


I’ve previously written about an Oscar de la Renta piece here, the blue and white nautical striped gown.

Well, I happened upon this one at the same time I was writing that post, so this one is a little over due. I fell in love with this dress as well.

I’m not big on fashion, let me let you know. I do not keep on the ball of things where fashion is concerned; and often times it takes a while for things to grow on me – like skinny jeans and peep toe shoes, my sister knows this well.

I found the back of the dress on the oscarprgirl tumblr. If you couldn’t figure it out from the URL, this is the tumblr of the PR girl from the Oscar de la Renta fashion house and I must say from her tumblr that her job seems like it would be a lot of fun, although I’m quite sure there are some challenges that comes with it as well.

What caught me about this dress was it’s back. The way it simply flows and looks so loose. It is the furthest thing from form fitting, so it doesn’t show one’s feminine curves, yet I find it so feminine.

Of course, I went in search of the front and here it is.

Yet again, loose, as I expected; but to me, just so elegant. The thing I love about the front is that it offers a peep at your shoes – and I am a lady that is very big on shoes!

This definitely is a piece I wouldn’t mind being seen in.



A few months ago, I came across fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers and fell in love with her work. She was my introduction to the world of fashion illustration.

While perusing the Instagram hash tag “paperfashionclass” I happened across Elaine Biss who has taken the class offered by Katie Rodgers. I either liked or commented on a photo she’d posted on Instagram, and this is how it all started.

She ended up commenting on one of my photos telling me that she wanted to draw me. Of course, I jumped at the chance. Less than 24 hours later, I’d signed a model release form and gushed to a friend exactly how excited I was about this. I asked her why she wanted to sketch me and she said that I had a Caribbean flair about me. So I just had to let her know that I am a Caribbean girl as I was born and grew up in Guyana.

Here is her colour study. I especially love my curls!

Don’t worry, I asked her permission to write this post featuring her work.

She says there will be more sketches in the future, and I intend on posting those too. That is, once she’ll let me.

Until then, make sure you head over to her site and check her work out!

Exploded Flowers


So a while ago, I came across the photographer Meagan Cignoli and she had these beautifully deconstructed or exploded, whatever you want to call them, flowers.

Well, about a week and a half ago I was surprised with a pretty, pretty big (see what I did there?)  bouquet of flowers. From the day I got them I knew I was going to pull some of these flowers apart and give the exploded flower thing a shot (hope you see what I did there too).

So here are mine.



Oh my, stripes


While I may be an avid reader of a few fashion blogs, I’ve never written a post that has had anything to do with fashion.

This, however, is my first.

I happened upon a sketch of this dress on tumblr, and immediately fell in love with it. Over the past year or so, I have become a great lover of stripes, especially when they’re akin to nautical stripes. So I went in search of it and found out that it was an Oscar de la Renta creation from his Spring 2013 collection that retails at Neiman Marcus for a whopping $6,790.

Every girl dreams of what her future wedding dress may look like. Well, I think this is mine.  It has the silhouette of the dress I want and somehow manages to tastefully incorporate my love of stripes, making it the right amount of a non-traditional wedding gown without going too far for me. Safe to say, I think I’ve got my something blue covered for whenever that day rolls around.

Here’s to my first blog post that has anything to do with fashion.