I took a photography course last summer and one of our projects was to emulate a photographer. I chose to emulate Xiao Hui Wang’s Close to the Eyes project.



It’s the first day back after Spring Break and I already have something to post! Truly, this project is weeks old that I didn’t finish because Dell and I were fighting. My plan was to work on it while I was home last week but that never happened. So I finished it today because I have midterm pin up this week and everything needs to be done for that.

It is a drawing of the USF Tampa campus REC centre that we then had to manipulate in photoshop.

D2W9: Scholar’s Retreat


Here are my black and white photos of the Scholar’s Retreat project I just did. I was extremely excited about the stairs; I love the light and shadow effects they give. In reality, it might not be possible but I’d want them to be cantilevered glass.