Druzy you?


Last October, while on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, I went into a geology-type store and came across rings with these crystalline type tops and fell for them. The problem I encountered was that none of them fit as my knuckles are so huge in comparison to the rest of my itty-bitty fingers. But on this trip, I learned that this crystalline structure was called “druzy”.

My reason for going into this store was that I’ve been fascinated with coloured rocks for about as long as I can remember. When I say as long as I can remember, my mom would bring me paperweights like these when she went to the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands and so on back when I was in high school, and I’ve been out of high school for four years.

But, back to the druzy, I returned to Tampa and googled my heart’s content to know more about what this druzy was. I’d never seen it before and I was nothing less than fascinated. At that point, I was already aware of the fact that beautiful things occurred naturally, take me for instance, orchids, peacock feathers, and the list goes on (by the way, I kid about the first one in the list); but I was completely ignorant when it came to this druzy thing.

According to http://www.mickeylynn.com

A druzy is sets of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of another stone. There are many types of druzy, because there are many types of minerals. Each type of druzy has particular characteristics, such as crystal size, luster and color. Quartz is one of the most common druzy types because of the prevalence of silica throughout the world. No matter what mineral forms the druzy, the overall appearance usually resembles that of sugar. The tiny crystals are considered beautiful because, like large gemstones, they glitter and catch rays of light.

Upon googling, I came across so many items made with druzy that caught my eye, and I believe it was most likely because they glittered – I do seem to be fond of sparkly, shiny things. But aside from that, I like that every piece made is somewhat individual because none of the stones will be the same shape or size, and the crystalline structures found on them will also be unique. So this really ends up being a type of jewelry whose selling point can be “no two are alike.” Here are the finds I’d like to share.

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Satchel (Window) Shopping


First thing’s first, let me introduce myself, as if you didn’t know, I’m Michelle. Second thing to know about me, I have expensive taste in shoes, handbags, and make up. Third thing, I’m still in college, so this poses a bit of a problem. Fourthly, as far as kids go, I’m pretty good. When I say good, I mean, my grades are on point about 95% of the time, I don’t go getting drunk every weekend, I kept a curfew when I had one and now I come in at a reasonable hour, I’ve yet to get pregnant in college and I don’t intend to, and my parents like my taste in guys, especially the current one; and all of this means from time to time I get a little spoilt.


Right now, I’d love to own a satchel. Not a black or brown, more of a blue, green, or yellow or some equally bright colour. So I did a little eye fattening today. I thought I’d share my likes. And let me say that while I am a little spoilt, I’m not Michael Kors, Fossil, or Kate Spade spoilt, sadly.



Process and Inspiration


In architecture school, we do projects which entail building models, creating drawings, and a lot of process work.

Process work is what we refer to as all we do leading up to the final drawings, graphics, and model for the project. Process may include sketches, models, drawings, a napkin with a bunch of squiggly lines that only make sense to you, an abstract painting – really, anything that helps you get an idea out of your head and into something tangible or viewable.

Often, we’re told to pin up our process and inspiration in our final presentation aka jury, so that our jurers, who rip us new butt holes at times, can see where we came from and the detours we made to get to our final.

I came across this image below and I loved it.

I imagine you’re probably wondering why. Well wonder no more, let me tell you. I just love how whoever did this shows how this product – a Victoria Secret perfume – went from its sketch to the glass bottle you’d pick up off the display shelf in the store. I happen to find it quite enthralling.


Moving on, a few weeks ago, I came across the fashion illustrator, Anum Tariq, who has a blog showcasing her work. What I loved about her blog is that in some of her posts she shows you where her inspiration comes from.



And lately, with the advent of video on Instagram, some people like the fashion illustrator, Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion have been using it to record their work coming to life. I will say that I think this is the only productive use of the video feature on Instagram. If you want to see what I’m talking about, here are five links for your pleasure! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Be thankful that I didn’t post them all.

Image source http://anumt.blogspot.com/

Decorate with the Rainbow!


I am currently interning at an architecture firm in Georgetown, Guyana. This past week, I came across a paint swatch book and of course I had to fan it out and create this.

Lately, pinterest has been seeing a lot of me. For those of you who may not know what it is, which would be a little shocking, it is an online board akin to a cork board that you’d stick movie tickets, Disney passes, photos, reminders, flowers, notes, etc on. However, you can have multiple boards each with it’s own theme and I find it to be a great source of inspiration.

So on pinterest, I searched for art projects and decorative ideas using paint swatches and I certainly was not disappointed. And thus, this post shares the finds that I like the most.

I definitely liked the idea of using paint swatches for a calendar. I know I’d be excited to switch it up every month, using new colours, and doing themes according to seasons or what’s happening in that month.


And for wall art

And these for useful pieces around the house.

I’ll add that one of the best things about colour swatch art or home decor is that paint swatches are free. You just have to walk into the store and pick them up. I understand some people might feel odd walking into Sherwin Williams or Harris Paints (for the Guyanese) but places like Wal-Mart sell paint and have paint swatches for people like you.

The fact that paint swatches are temporary makes them perfect for dorm rooms or seasonal decorations! What makes them even more perfect is the that there is such a wide array of colors to choose from that you will be able to do something that suits everyone’s taste.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2014


I’ve previously written about an Oscar de la Renta piece here, the blue and white nautical striped gown.

Well, I happened upon this one at the same time I was writing that post, so this one is a little over due. I fell in love with this dress as well.

I’m not big on fashion, let me let you know. I do not keep on the ball of things where fashion is concerned; and often times it takes a while for things to grow on me – like skinny jeans and peep toe shoes, my sister knows this well.

I found the back of the dress on the oscarprgirl tumblr. If you couldn’t figure it out from the URL, this is the tumblr of the PR girl from the Oscar de la Renta fashion house and I must say from her tumblr that her job seems like it would be a lot of fun, although I’m quite sure there are some challenges that comes with it as well.

What caught me about this dress was it’s back. The way it simply flows and looks so loose. It is the furthest thing from form fitting, so it doesn’t show one’s feminine curves, yet I find it so feminine.

Of course, I went in search of the front and here it is.

Yet again, loose, as I expected; but to me, just so elegant. The thing I love about the front is that it offers a peep at your shoes – and I am a lady that is very big on shoes!

This definitely is a piece I wouldn’t mind being seen in.