Programmatic Sections


The first is my favourite. I turned a text skyline of the grand city of Manhattan sideways positioning the text to highlight the areas of the building that are more focused on views. So where you see the text spill out, imagine standing behind a glass facade looking out.

The following are sets of sections showing the programmatic spaces. From here out, I pick two and move forward with them. I think my two will actually end up being the first two put together and then the third.



Boathouse Sections


Today, I had jury for the boathouse project. Below are the sections I hand drew and then worked on in photoshop. The critique said they were not detailed enough and that the trees don’t belong in Florida.

Photos of the model will come at a later date.

Superimposed Site


In case you didn’t know, I’m currently working on a rowing boathouse project. The first map is of the site, which is on the Hillsborough river in Tampa, back in 1995; the second is the site in 2012. You can see how much the map has changed both with its content and quality. What a perfect way to show how technology has progressed.

This map is a superimposition of all of the imaged years I could find on Google Maps.

I’m not sure if I’ll use this in my final pin up, but I sure liked the idea of it. This is a merely a first draft, so if I do, it’ll end up being better, hopefully.


Gingerbread Houses


Having spent a week and a half in Trinidad back in May, I came across Gingerbread houses and I liked what I saw. There aren’t many in Guyana and the few that exist are decrepit and falling apart almost to a point that is beyond repair.

So upon returning to Trinidad to spend the weekend, I wanted to take photos of them.

My favorite of the lot has to be this one. Not only do I love the style but I have a thing for stripes.