Seashells for Christmas


I can remember going to my first shell store, The Shell Bazaar out on US1 in Port St. Lucie years ago. My eyes fell upon a Christmas tree decorated with shells and I was enthralled. One day, I knew and still know that I’ll having a Christmas tree outfitted with white lights – because I think colored light are atrocious – and sea shells, starfish, etc.

Here’s a tree I liked

 And a few ornaments that caught my eye



Legends never die…


I cannot remember my grandfather as a young man. This is because I was born 17 days after his 70th birthday. So he pretty much was considered an old man by many before I was even a speck in my parents’ imagination.

A week ago, I paid my final respects to him. To date, that rivals moving to Tampa, for being one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Grandpa wasn’t a very social man, but the night before I got onto that red eye flight to Miami International, I went to say goodbye and he hugged me, and his hug lingered longer than it usually did. Of course, cue the waterworks. From this moment on, I dreaded the flight I took two Sundays ago; I knew I’d eventually have to take it but I hoped it wouldn’t be too soon.

That Christmas, I went home and he gave me a book called “The Perfect $100,000 House” by Karrie Jacobs. It was a little strange as I had already opened a present signed “gran and granpa” and my sister handed me another but this one just said “granpa.”

it is only fitting that I write a tribute to Grandpa as he was the reason I wanted to major in architecture. He was my motivation to learn to play the piano. I believe he is the reason that my father is the man, the father, and the husband that he is today. He put true meaning to the saying “Built Ford Tough” because these days you don’t see people making it to 91 with all of their faculties.

His death was quick, it was relatively painless, he knew his time had come and he was ready to go. We – his wife, children, and grandchildren – just weren’t ready to have him leave us as yet.

Christmases won’t be the same anymore; neither will going home for summer knowing he has to go to the post office or “treasury” as he often referred to the Ministry of Finance.

There was one thing I wanted him to be around for, my masters’ thesis presentation. But he’ll be there in spirit.

Grandpa, I pray that your soul rests in peace.

Ernest David Ford
04/06/1922 – 11/13/2013



Programmatic Sections


The first is my favourite. I turned a text skyline of the grand city of Manhattan sideways positioning the text to highlight the areas of the building that are more focused on views. So where you see the text spill out, imagine standing behind a glass facade looking out.

The following are sets of sections showing the programmatic spaces. From here out, I pick two and move forward with them. I think my two will actually end up being the first two put together and then the third.



Boathouse Sections


Today, I had jury for the boathouse project. Below are the sections I hand drew and then worked on in photoshop. The critique said they were not detailed enough and that the trees don’t belong in Florida.

Photos of the model will come at a later date.