Gingerbread Houses


Having spent a week and a half in Trinidad back in May, I came across Gingerbread houses and I liked what I saw. There aren’t many in Guyana and the few that exist are decrepit and falling apart almost to a point that is beyond repair.

So upon returning to Trinidad to spend the weekend, I wanted to take photos of them.

My favorite of the lot has to be this one. Not only do I love the style but I have a thing for stripes.

Nature’s Colour Palettes


Two months ago I became the proud owner of an iPhone 5. What does this mean? This means apps!

So for the last few nights I’ve been spending time on the bloglovin app which is a collection of blogs all in one spot – think of a one stop magazine. Everything you could possibly want to read all in one spot; once the blog owner signs the blog up of course.

 My first find is design-seeds.

It is a blog, that takes nature and incorporates it into design. How? The great photos you love, well, Jessica Colaluca who is the chic behind design-seeds takes those photos and creates colour palettes with them whether it is a sunset, a flower, even cloves of garlic. What a beautiful way to take nature into your home decor or wedding colour. The great thing is that nature hardly ever clashes, so you’d need not worry about these combinations.

This is the first blog that I felt was worth tapping the follow button on this app for.

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Druzy you?


Last October, while on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, I went into a geology-type store and came across rings with these crystalline type tops and fell for them. The problem I encountered was that none of them fit as my knuckles are so huge in comparison to the rest of my itty-bitty fingers. But on this trip, I learned that this crystalline structure was called “druzy”.

My reason for going into this store was that I’ve been fascinated with coloured rocks for about as long as I can remember. When I say as long as I can remember, my mom would bring me paperweights like these when she went to the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands and so on back when I was in high school, and I’ve been out of high school for four years.

But, back to the druzy, I returned to Tampa and googled my heart’s content to know more about what this druzy was. I’d never seen it before and I was nothing less than fascinated. At that point, I was already aware of the fact that beautiful things occurred naturally, take me for instance, orchids, peacock feathers, and the list goes on (by the way, I kid about the first one in the list); but I was completely ignorant when it came to this druzy thing.

According to

A druzy is sets of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of another stone. There are many types of druzy, because there are many types of minerals. Each type of druzy has particular characteristics, such as crystal size, luster and color. Quartz is one of the most common druzy types because of the prevalence of silica throughout the world. No matter what mineral forms the druzy, the overall appearance usually resembles that of sugar. The tiny crystals are considered beautiful because, like large gemstones, they glitter and catch rays of light.

Upon googling, I came across so many items made with druzy that caught my eye, and I believe it was most likely because they glittered – I do seem to be fond of sparkly, shiny things. But aside from that, I like that every piece made is somewhat individual because none of the stones will be the same shape or size, and the crystalline structures found on them will also be unique. So this really ends up being a type of jewelry whose selling point can be “no two are alike.” Here are the finds I’d like to share.

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