Outfit Post: WLFG Embroidered Playsuit

So I have always thought that rompers/playsuits, whatever it is you want to call them, could be super cute but I often had a little issue when it came to how they fit. They just didn’t sit quite right and were more often than not uncomfortable for me. The ratio of rompers I have tried on VS. rompers that went home with me from the store is unbelievable. Having taken up sewing, Read More

Feature Interview: madebySoKa x Karen De Freitas-Fraser

Today’s feature interview is with the designer – Karen De Freitas-Fraser, a womenswear designer from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who has recently expanded her portfolio into menswear as well. She has had her designs walk in Carnival Catwalk, Virgin Islands Fashion Week, Islands of the World Fashion Week, and Miami Fashion Week. She has also been featured in SHE Caribbean, POSH Caribbean, Caribbean Styling, and Panache Magazines. She has been seen on Vogue.com and Fashion Bomb Daily and is the recipient of the Caribbean Style and Culture – Award of Excellence – Fashion Innovation from Karib Nation.

Without further ado, here is my virtual sit down with the designer…

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Event Planning: Orchid Center Pieces

Orchids are one of the most classy and elegant flowers out there. They’re a bit difficult to grow but when you are successful it feels like something worth celebrating. I’ve been spotting orchids used as center pieces for weddings and other formal events and I’ve been sold on them for this purpose. Orchids hold a special place in my heart because they remind me a lot of my grandmother – she was my introduction to the elegant bloom.

from modwedding.com

from theknot.com

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Laura Narayansingh Monday Wear

Laura Narayansingh wowed us with her first year of Monday Wear pieces and ever since we, or maybe I should say I, have been waiting with bated breaths to see her creations. As you may already know, the mix of carnival and fashion design has a special place in my heart. Laura’s Monday Wear collections all exude luxury and elegance. I want to wear one of her pieces on a yacht while drinking from a champagne flute and wearing sky high stilettos because they are just so damn gorgeous.

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Interior Inspiration: Using Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your space is a really great way to add some decor focal points. The reflection of light also works wonders when it comes to making your space look bigger and more roomy. I am a really big fan of geometrical mirrors and today I am sharing a few of my favorite inspiration images with you.

from omallatavalla.blogspot.fi

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