Outfit Post: Scalloped Shift

I worked on a series of a few dresses falling into a shift dress line and I will slowly be sharing each one with you. In case you didn’t know, the shift dress has a pretty basic shape and a distinct set of characteristics. Shift dresses are characterized by a classic silhouette usually being sleeveless, having no defined waist, and stopping about the knee. They definitely make for the perfect mini and are very feminine.

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Let’s talk podcasts

I have been binge listening to podcasts lately. Is that a thing? Binge listening? I guess if you can binge watch a series then you can binge listen to podcasts, right? I have found some to be extremely insightful and educational and have learnt a lot within the past few days. My topics have focused mainly on sewing and fashion because that’s where my interests lie right now. Today, I’ve decided to share a few that I thought were really good with you.

Unravel Podcast – The Enslaved Body: Fashion and Language
Unravel seems to do a series that shows how fashion relates to other aspects of society and culture and thankfully, doesn’t see fashion as a superficial industry. This episode is a discussion with a thesis student who examines how fashion plays a roll in the way people dressed during the times of slavery and in the Spanish colonies. They discuss dyes, colors, economies, and so much more. It’s quite an insightful listen.

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Book Review: All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin

Emily Giffins is on my list of must read authors whenever a new book is published. To date I have enjoyed all of her novels, save for one.

All we ever wanted is, in my opinion, a very current story line  with the popularity of social media and parents who aren’t necessarily as hands on as mine were when they were raising me. The story opens following a single father. We get to see how he and his exotic wife split up and how he strives to send his Read More

on feminism and making babies…

In case you don’t know, I have a Master in Architecture (M.Arch) degree that I spent six long, sleepless years chasing. I am also the youngest of three daughters and both of my older sisters have Masters degrees as well. So, the bar was raised high before I could even start my undergrad in 2010, the same year my second sister graduated with her Masters.

Of course, during my six years worth of sleepless nights studying, there were also sleepless nights of partying. I didn’t feel like I was just going to school for the degree only, I wanted all of the college experiences.  Some times I went up to 40 hours without sleep, or slept for 22 hours straight, passed up on offers of being the body for body shots (sorry, I don’t want strange men’s mouths on me), pushed myself to finish projects and present on time, aced calc, danced on tables in bars, always booked my flights home too close to finals, and occasionally operated like all my body needed was caffeine and some sort of carbs – let’s not get into how terrible my eating habits got at some points. I graduated with a 3.8-something GPA.

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Beauty: Eyeliner, a comparison

So for the life of me I just cannot use a pencil or pen eyeliner to line my top eyelid. It doesn’t matter if it’s a felt tip, a this, that, or the other, it just doesn’t work. As a matter of fact, I can only use a pencil eyeliner on my lower waterline and it has to be a soft tip. As you can see, make-up is definitely not one of my strong points.

If you’ve noticed, sometimes I do rock a pretty killer cat eye (with the flick on the side) – and so I have been complimented (this is to let you know that this isn’t just my opinion)  and I do this using a gel liner in the pot with a brush.

So, much like I tried a couple of different mascaras which you can read about here, I went in search of the best gel pot eyeliner.

The Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is where it all began. It is a drug store brand, one of many that I have tried (but this was 7+ years ago which is why the others are not included in this review) and it was definitely the best of them all. It comes with a brush that is super easy to use and has been one of my Read More