Outfit Post: WLFG Embroidered Playsuit

So I have always thought that rompers/playsuits, whatever it is you want to call them, could be super cute but I often had a little issue when it came to how they fit. They just didn’t sit quite right and were more often than not uncomfortable for me. The ratio of rompers I have tried on VS. rompers that went home with me from the store is unbelievable. Having taken up sewing, I embarked on the journey of making my own romper. This way I could control how it fit, the comfort levels, how much skin I wanted to bare, and just really make what I want! It wasn’t an easy task but I can very happily say that I have managed to achieve exactly what I wanted.  I chose to use denim because have you ever seen a denim romper? The pants were super easy because they were cut from a pattern. The top on the other hand took a lot of trial and error which of course includes sewing and then ripping what you just sewed, and resewing. I do enjoy figuring out how pieces should go together or be darted to fit the body. However, I do not enjoy when it takes me in excess of 3 tries. That’s when the entire ordeal starts to get frustrating and I start to wonder why I even thought it was a good idea to DIY this garment. Sewing seriously does require another level of thought, coordination and technical skill – not just when it comes to how to use a sewing machine and other tools but how to cut or dart fabric to achieve a specific fit. In the end, this was all worth it. Since embroidery is such a huge trend this year, I asked my grandmother to add her delicate touch to this playsuit. She did not disappoint. To be honest, I do not think she ever does. This has, of course, made this one specific piece even more special to me. I have a feeling when the time comes that I can no longer wear that it’ll still be hanging in my closet just because my grandmother did her thing on it. So go right ahead and let me know what you think of this original piece in the comments. Would you wear one? all photos by michaelfernandes.com who is slowly becoming the official photographer behind all outfit shoots on this blog

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