Outfit Post: Racerback Shift

Here’s another dress in my line of shift dresses. I’m hoping that you have seen the previous outfit posts along this line.

What makes this shift dress so special to me is that it is a racerback. Racerbacks -whether in swimsuit or tank tops – are a sleeveless garment which tends to have a narrower line of fabric running down in between the shoulder blades. They are seen to be sportier than more fully covered garments. I like racerbacks because they offer some skin appeal without being too revealing. After all, who is going to say that your shoulder blades are distracting? Everyone has shoulder blades after all!

I fell in love with this fabric in a Joann’s more than a year before I made the garment but at the time I just wasn’t sure what it wanted to become. Eventually, I knew it was perfect for the racerback shift because of all the colors in it but i wanted to get better at my execution so that I wouldn’t ruin it in the process.

I decided to share this goofy-ish photo of me  because there is an in real life representation of how awkward it can get shooting outfit posts. What do I do with my hands? How does my face look? What should I do with my feet? However, you guys may not gather this energy from one snapshot.

Alas, I won’t even lie to you, making gifs of myself are my new thing!

shoes: similar
dress: me

Photos compliments of Michael Fernandes.

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