Outfit Inspiration: Mixing Patterns

Hey guys, so I decided to refresh this post for you and share it again because I am still just as into print mixing and there have been great new examples since I first shared it with you guys.

I’ve tried a few print mixed outfits myself like this one here.

Now here are a few print mixed outfits that I think were very successful!

from westcoastcapri.com

from uberchicforcheap.com

from designerfashiontips.com

from middlechildcomplex.tumblr.com

from bodenusa.com

from lulusdotcom.tumblr.com

from glamradar.com

from kendieveryday.com

I find that the constant in all of these print mixed combos is that a stripe is treated as a neutral. So in your outfits whatever floral or print combo you choose to ensure that your stripe falls into one of the colors found in your printed piece.

Which one is your favorite combo?

This post was originally shared on August 18, 2016.

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