Gossip Girl as an adult…

So, when Gossip Girl, the show, made it’s debut back in 2007 I had already read all of the books by Cecily Von Ziegesar – I am pretty sure I still butcher that name. When the show aired I had to watch it after being an avid reader of the books. I was a teenager, just about their age but not living in New York with all of that privilege or the lack of parental supervision. I decided to rewatch the series (while I sewed or did other creative projects) late last year and finished binge watching it a few weeks ago.

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There were a number of things that stood out to me, either for making no sense or just being so great.

  1. Why did Serena and Blair continue to be friends? They continuously back stabbed each other time and time again. Why not just cut each other out of their lives? I know there wouldn’t have been a show without this “friendship” but in a similar situation I would have just bid the person adieu and pretended that they just didn’t even exist.
  2. Everyone slept with everyone. No joke. They all slept with each other save for the whole siblings, even the step siblings slept with each other. So in my head, they all have the same disgusting infections, right? They literally had no girl code or bro code where someone would just think it was a bad idea to get with their friend’s ex. This concept is so strange to me.
  3. Having aged about five or more years since the show ended, can you believe it has been that long? I have been exposed to other shows, designers, names, that I did not know as a teenager watching the show. So to see Tim Gunn make a cameo was so exciting because as we all know I am a huge fan of Project Runway. Also, Harvey Weinstein – who has been in the media for not so positive things had his name dropped. AND, designers like Vera Wang and Isaac Mizrahi made cameos as well! We must commend the show on all of the fashion influences.
  4. Whoever paired the music with the episodes and scenes seriously did such an amazing job at it! I thought so watching the entire series the first time around but seeing it the second time, some of the pairings elicited the same feelings out of me the second time around as they did in the first.
  5. I just do not get how all of the characters were in college in one episode, and in the next one they were playing dolly house as a step-mom, another was writing a book, one was pregnant and getting married (never mind her mom pointed out she was so young and still in college). How did the college story line just fall apart? I understand they’re all wealthy and will be taken care of for the rest of their lives but why didn’t the show address them leaving university or graduating or?
  6. The show actually did not match the books but I guess to keep it entertaining for six seasons they had to do their own thing because I guess the books certainly didn’t have six seasons of content.

Did you watch or read the Gossip Girl series? What did you think of it?

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