Feature Interview: KTReed from KTR Collection

I cannot remember when it is that I discovered KTReed but I know ever since then I have been amazed by the clothing she designs. I am always drawn by her flirty and chic innate style and impressed by her ability to pair colors and patterns so well. She is definitely one of my favorite style icons as you can read here in a post I wrote over a year ago.

She recently quit her 9 to 5 to pursue a her dream job, something so many of us would like to do but are scared to. She is definitely someone that I find incredibly inspiring as she does what she loves for a living. She wrote about that here.

I got to have a virtual sit down with her as I wanted to know her better, and of course I wanted to share her with my readers, as I find her to be such an inspiring and stylish lady.

What sparked your interest in fashion, sewing, and design?
Sewing for me started out as a way of survival and as a bullied kid who wanted to fit in.

Growing up, I didn’t shop at department stores or wear anything fancy. Every few months my mom would take me to the local community church where clothes were sold for $0.50 an item. I was always excited because that meant new clothes for school. Of course nothing was in my size and most often, the clothes were outdated. When I went to school with my “new clothes,” I was teased for not matching or wearing something ill-fitting and “uncool.” I taught myself how to sew so I could hem those lengthy pants, trim over-sized skirts, turn baggy tops into a form fitting tanks; and sometimes removed excess fabric to create an entirely different garment. It’s funny how life works, because now I make clothes for a living and I choose to stand out any day over fitting in. 🙂

How would you describe your personal style?
Gosh it’s so hard to say because I love changing things up, but it all boils down to one thing for me: Sassy always Classy.

Where do you see your clothing brand headed in the future?
I would love to open up a few boutiques. Each store however, will be small and exclusive, always providing the best quality and service.

How would you describe the ladies that you design for and the pieces that you design?
The ladies who wear KTRcollection are fierce, passionate and full of life! I’m passionate about creating feminine pieces that’s fashionable, yet timeless and unique. I value designs that make a statement, is classy with a vintage flare and a modern twist, allowing each client to express their individuality.

What advice would you give to another girl boss that is looking to quit her day job to pursue her dream job?
Quitting something firmly established to pursue the unknown was petrifying; but if you feel it in deep in your heart and in the very pit of your stomach, then you should to go after it. I knew I wanted to take the leap long before I did, but I pushed it off, until one day I just knew in my heart that it’s time. After talking it over with my husband, with his support and making sure our finances are in tact, I took that leap. Haven’t looked back and hope to keep going.

My advice to any entrepreneur pursuing his/her passion would be to not rush into it. Wait until you are ready. In the meantime: save, invest, research, make connections. When it’s that time, something significant will happen and your heart will let you know.

And a few of my favorites.

See more on her style blog and shop her collection.

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All photos from KTReed and her blog/store.


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  1. Great article! I have followed KT’s work for a while and am a proud owner of parts of her collection. You did a fantastic job on this interview! GREAT write up! Loved reading every bit of it.

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