Feature Interview: Kerry-Ann Clarke of KerryMWH

Kerry-Ann Clarke is the owner of the boutique Kerry ManWomanHome in Jamaica. She is founder of The Collection Moda – Jamaica’s premier fashion event, studied at Parsons School of Design, and interned at Vogue. I had a virtual sit down with this Caribbean boss babe and now you get to read all about it!

How did KerryManWomanHome come to be?
I have always had a deep love for fashion and creativity…all things pretty to be quite honest. I studied Fashion Marketing at Parsons School of Design in Paris. At that time I wasn’t sure what I would do with the degree, but returned to Jamaicaa and thought to myself that the city is missing somewhere that has a truly eclectic mix of all things pretty …for men and women. KERRYmwh​ (@kerrymwh)​was born from that opportunity. I spend 100% of my efforts in curating a mix of lifestyle products for my customers. Clothing, Art, Jewellery, Accessories and home accents.

How was the Collection Moda born?
The Collection MoDA​ (@thecollectionmoda)​ was born organically because of my collaborations and work with emerging designers for KERRYmwh​ (@kerrymwh)​​. Again, I realised that there was a need for a tradesow platform to assist mobilising emerging creative talent, and move them from concept to business.

Can you give us a timeline of the Collection Moda from it’s inception to what it has become now.
MoDA​  is in year 6 of existence. It started as an invitation only runway show (with 600 persons in attendance annually), with plans to add the tradeshow platform shortly afterwards. In Year ​3​, I met my partner Aiesha Panton​ (@pussbackfoot)​, and from there the series became what it is today​, a 4-part event: MoDA Runway​, MoDA Market, MoDA Art and MoDA Talks. I am proud to say that when we started MoDA M​a​rket, we welcomed only 250 persons in year one and today, we are seeing anywhere between 1500-2000 patrons. The Market has also been extended to two days instead of only one.

What can we expect to see in the future of Collection Moda?
We would like to s​e​e ​t​he platform become the premier ​trade ​platform for the region, showcasing the best that Caribbean talent has to offer in the areas of ​F​ashi​o​n, Art, Ceramics, and really anything that is handmade. We also plan for The MoDA Series to become a ​global Fashion, ​​Art & Lifestyle calendar ​item where international visitors and buyers attend to see what the creative talent of the region has to offer.

You source product for your boutique during your travels; where have you been and where are you headed?
I t​h​oro​u​ghly enjoy travelling…not just for relaxation but to discover artisanal talent wherever I visit. Last year I​ ​was in South Africa and was blown away by the talent that exists there. I met a couple artisans that are now stocked in the boutique. I JUS​T​returned from Mexico and also met with some of the creative talent there…soon they will be in store 🙂

How could someone who is interested in becoming a part of the Collection Moda go about doing so?
We have a process which is outlined on our website…thecollectionmoda.com

What advice would you give to up and coming girl bosses?
Follow your passion always..never give up…and always strive for excellence

Do you think that the Caribbean has an aesthetic, and if yes, how would you describe it?
Absolutely. As a people we are more relaxed and easy going. Colorful, vibrant, and ALIVE.

For visitors to Jamaica, what would you suggest are a must eat and a must see?
My country is so beautiful…and what I always say to persons visiting is that we have everything that you can expect an island to have…beaches, mountains, valleys, river…and in JA DEF a je ne c’est quoi!
To see:
Take a hike up to the blue mountains
Take a boat ride to Maiden Caye
Visit Hellshire Beach
My favourite parish is Portland – go rafting, visit the blue Lagoon, and check out our Waterfalls
Visit the South Coast to see our less touristy part – YS Falls, Black River Safari, and the new ‘over the water’ rooms at Sandals White House

To Eat:
I’m vegetarian and the BEST Vegetarian food is at
Stush in the Bush (reservations required)
Kushite’s Vegetarian Cuisine
East Japanese

photos provided by Kerry-Ann, taken by SKKAN

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