Currently Coveting: Tropical Birds Edition

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I can’t take all of the credit for this edition of currently coveting because fellow Guyanese blogger Krystle DeSantos from boosted my love for tropically inspired garments and accessories. If you like any of these pieces, you should definitely take a look at her blog for more pieces.

Feature Interview: Chantal Juman of the Babe Cave (Trinidad)

In today’s feature interview, we are chatting with Chantal Juman, a boss babe from Trinidad who is behind the Babe Cave.

How was the Babe Cave born?
Babe Cave was created after I moved back to Trinidad and Tobago to live in 2014. I realized quickly that the industry for Eyelash Extensions in T&T was extremely poor, and a little too personal for my liking. Coming from Canada, where you can find a luxurious place to have your lashes done at almost any corner, it was such a culture shock. What bothered me the most was being new in the country I didn’t know all that many Read More

Book Review: When Life Gives you Lemons by Lauren Weisberger


Have you watched The Devil Wears Prada? Just in case you didn’t know, it started as a book which was then turned into a movie. Lauren Weisberger is the author of many great chick lit books that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

When Life Gives you Lululemons did not disappoint. It was a quick and easy read which made it perfect for the beach. It follows 3 women who knew each other from their teenage years or earlier on in their lives. One was the senior assistant from Miranda Priestly – the devil herself, the other was a famous model who met Miranda’s assistant when she worked at Runway, and the third was a friend from camp.

We follow one woman through a high profile divorce from a man who intended to run for office and set her up terribly. The other woman quit her job to move to the ‘burbs to raise her three kids, and of course thought that her husband was cheating on her. The third’s career was heading from the dump and was hell bent on never having kids and lo and behold she winds up pregnant – which I could figure out before she did.

As usual, all is well that ends well. A chick lit book would not be chick lit if it ended on an unhappy note. I won’t go into details and spoil it for you but it was definitely worth the read.

If you read it, let me know what you think!

Feature Interview: Kerry-Ann Clarke of KerryMWH

Kerry-Ann Clarke is the owner of the boutique Kerry ManWomanHome in Jamaica. She is founder of The Collection Moda – Jamaica’s premier fashion event, studied at Parsons School of Design, and interned at Vogue. I had a virtual sit down with this Caribbean boss babe and now you get to read all about it!

Read More