Feature Interview: Kerry-Ann Clarke of KerryMWH

Kerry-Ann Clarke is the owner of the boutique Kerry ManWomanHome in Jamaica. She is founder of The Collection Moda – Jamaica’s premier fashion event, studied at Parsons School of Design, and interned at Vogue. I had a virtual sit down with this Caribbean boss babe and now you get to read all about it!

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Outfit Post: with love from Guyana cape top + skinny pants

I am super excited to share this specific outfit post with you all. Depending on how long you’ve been following my journey here on this little space you’d know that I have slowly been learning how to sew. Today, I am happy to share another outfit with a piece made by yours truly!

It started out as a sketch. Once I embarked on this journey to teach myself to sew my sister surprised me with a sketch book for me to get the ideas of what I wanted to create out of my head and down on to paper. I wanted to create a voluminous cape top and pair them with super skinny pants below. I kept the cape just a little short so that there would be a peek a boo effect.


Photo Jul 01, 7 04 40 PM

Photo Jul 01, 7 04 20 PM

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Color Swatching 103

For this edition of color swatching, I have to thank Sarah from Chalkboardnails.com for this absolutely amazing macro shot of glitter! This swatch has so many pretty colors that I just had to snag it and make a palette from it! And of course, I’m happy to provide the HEX codes for this palette.

color swatch 3#9470A0          #528157              #44ADC2           #403675           #69BE3F


Color Swatching 102

If you make your way to this link here you will find that I’ve started a thing where I find images of naturally occurring textures/patterns that I love and grab the colors that I like from them. My intention is to one day use these palettes I create in some sort of a project. You feel free to use them too, and if you do, I’d love it if you let me know what you created with them. I’ve also provided the HEX codes to make it easier for you to get creative.

color swatch 2

#80B01C             #EA491D             #0D75CA             #F7B23D              #D20D54