Outfit Inspiration: Print Mixing 101

from kendieveryday.com

I have always been a fan of seeing others mixing their prints but I was never brave enough to try it for myself up until I started sewing and pairing my own fabrics.

As you may already know, I use Pinterest as a visual resource board. Print mixing has been done by so many people before me so there are definitely lots of looks to draw inspiration from. I go looking for combinations that I find aesthetically pleasing and save them to a board based on the idea. This doesn’t only go for print mixing but also goes for other visual and creative things related to architecture, fashion, interiors, sewing, and the list goes on. After making a collection I go back to see what the constant is across the images that I find appealing.

I am sharing a few of my favorite combinations with you.

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Spring 2019 Couture

The Spring 2019 Couture show ended not so long ago and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to you that a few of the pieces I saw gracing runways didn’t take my breath away.

First, let’s understand what exactly haute couture is…
according to BOF

To the normal person this means really high end fashion that carries a really high price. It is garments made out of top notch fabrics that are embellished to the heavens by designers that belong to the group of exclusive haute couture design houses. The garments are tailored and fitted to their specific clients. Sometimes they are one of a kind or very few are made, usually all by hand. If you look at Project Runway, the couture challenge always has the wackiest designs or garments that are most out there and look a lot like they should be on display on pedestals in the museum because they are works of art.

Now that we have that all covered, here are a few of my favorite pieces that walked the runways in Paris in this year’s haute couture showing.

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Style Inspiration: Holiday Season Sequins

With the holidays on the way, now is the perfect time to don sequins. Sometimes, we find shiny and sparkly garments tough to wear throughout the rest of the year but the festive season gives us a good reason. Whether it’s for cocktails, holiday season parties, or new year’s eve bashes are all a great way to celebrate. I’ve decided to share a few of my great looks from some of my favorite fashionistas.

Here is Wendy Nguyen from Wendy’s Lookbook.

from wendyslookbook.com

from wendyslookbook.com

from wendyslookbook.com

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LN Monday Wear 2019

Laura Narayansingh is an architect and Monday Wear designer who has not disappointed since her first Monday Wear collection debut. HER – the LNMW19 debuted two nights ago and some of the pieces have already sold out. Can you believe that? I would definitely consider that a sign of a successful designer!

The Classic LN


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why do these 6 trends exist?

Let’s be honest, some trends we love, and just cannot get enough of and others we loathe and wonder why anyone thought it was a good idea. Sometimes, my mind changes though. For one, I used to hate skinny jeans and peep toe pumps as a teenager. I also couldn’t understand why anyone thought leggings were suitable bottoms. Today, I own countless pairs of skinny jeans and somewhere in my  college partying life I owned quite a few pairs of peep toe pumps as well. And if you ask anyone that knows me personally, I own multiple pairs of leggings, and I find them to be extremely comfortable, and think they offer a wide range of motion.

    • Matching sets –

      from thefashionspot.com
      at the beginning of this trend season I thought that matching sets were cute. Who wouldn’t love to wear high-waist paints with a flowing crop top in the same print? Now, I am so over it. After seeing pictures of almost ALL of the attendees at a soca event in varying palm and floral prints I definitely think I have seen every single fast fashion version of matching sets and they should all be burnt (except this is bad for the environment, a waste of fabric, and isn’t good sustainable fashion practice but you get my point.

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