Outfit Post: Pink, Purple & Floral

Fall is quickly being ushered in and I am welcoming it. While I live in the sunny state of Florida, the temperatures do drop and this weekend I got to enjoy the cool 70s. I love early fall, when I no longer have to endure the sweltering summer heat; late fall is a completely different story. To pay homage to a lovely summer spent travelling, I wanted to share this floral sundress I fell in love with and bought last spring. I’m trying to wear my sundresses as much as possible before I have no choice but to pull out the jeans, sweaters, scarves, and layer up. Although, I do look forward to wearing scarves.

I have to throw in that my shoes and my purse hardly ever do match so this is normally quite a feat for me to accomplish – but in this specific case it was super easy as pink is my favorite color and I am a sucker for sparkly accessories.



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Outfit Post: Fancy Palazzo Pants

So one day while shopping with my mother and sister I came across a pair of patterned pants that caught my eye. I picked them up off of the rack and each flowing leg had a wrap and this had me even more intrigued so I just had to try them on. I fell in love with these pants. I vaguely remember one of my sister’s having a pair of similar pants when I was younger. These were mine! And yes, a lot of my life is just doing what my sisters have done a little later.

Having bought them, in August and worn them, I was super excited to go home and have Michael Fernandes take outfit photos of me in these pants. I knew he’d love them and we’d get great shots in the wind. I did a better job with listening to him this time around and actually got a few smiles out of him as I did my awkward modeling/posing thing. I’m not just saying I did a better job, which I guessed from the smiles this time, I asked and was told. AND, I have to add, he somehow found a way to diplomatically tell me that I needed to suck my gut in by saying “you need to” and then gestured at his stomach. Of course, I had to ask if he was saying that I was fat, which of course he is never allowed to say even if I am. Michael always does an amazing job at delivering exactly what my vision is and then gives me so much more with his own ideas.

Then, for Christmas my brother got a delivery of locally made jewelry. What was super interesting about this entire collection was that all of it is handmade from copper wire. This means it carries an interesting color, and the fact that it is locally made had me super excited as it is my goal to support local and Caribbean creatives.






pants: TJMaxx | top: forever21 | necklace: Seleina’s Craft and Things

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And let me know what you think of my pants and necklace!

Outfit Post: The Adrian Foster Wrap Skirt

When my sister came home with this skirt by a Caribbean fashion designer, it was right up my alley to want to do an outfit post with it. Why? Because I’ve lately been thinking that local and Caribbean artists need to be exposed more. We have as much talent as the rest of the world does and we need to make it known loud and clear. I came across the Adrian Foster name and brand and glanced at it but seeing this garment in front of me, I was in love. I had to know more about this designer and soon you will too, as there is a feature interview in the works.

It is a full wrap skirt that comes complete with ties for a bow – and you know I am a woman that loves a bow! My sisters and I were all surprised that it had its own lining and at the quality of the stitching. Yes! But let’s take it just a little further, the skirt has pockets! How many of us are forced to take a purse because we need a place to put our keys and phone? How many of us have boyfriends whose pockets we weigh down? You can adjust the way you wear and wrap the skirt dependent on where you want your bow to be, and the pockets will be in the right place! This skirt takes fashion and makes it functional and beautiful and well… simply put, it is wrap skirt perfection. I must add that the available colors stay true to the Caribbean.

Now that I’ve raved about this skirt don’t you want to see how I styled it?







skirt: Adrian Foster | shirt: my mom’s closet | necklace: my darling sister

I felt uber chic, absolutely trendy, very feminine, and was super excited to be wearing a garment from a Caribbean designer!

Michael Fernandes is responsible for the photos and as expected he did an amazing job. I don’t think it’s possible for him to disappoint a client as he gave me exactly what it is I wanted and then some. Plus, I have to add he is very patient with me when I don’t hold the poses he instructs me to, which is every single one really.

Stay tuned for a feature interview with the designer of this amazing skirt, Adrian Foster.

Outfit Post: with love from Guyana cover up

In my free time or the time I procrastinate, I amble through other blogs online. I find them to be a superb form of inspiration for mine or ways to get great ideas for things I want to do or try eventually – when I have more free time.

I am a lover of fashion blogs and there are quite a few bloggers who garner my attention, maybe I shall share them with you one day. But these bloggers have made me wonder what it would be like to be one of those chics that has enough of a life to do outfit posts and share them with the world. Then! What if my beau was a photographer so *boom* right there the photos are taken care of whenever I’m heading out.

Let’s just pretend I got to live this daydream once and that this is my very first outfit post.


Michelle2 (1)
Shorts: CottonOn | Shoes: Audrey Brooke | Cover Up: Michelle Ford

Yes, you read correctly. The cover up was a design of mine that I sketched out and got my mother to sew for me. Do tell me what you think of it!

These photos are all compliments of Michael Fernandes. He captured exactly what I wanted him to about this outfit and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in Guyana that is looking for a photographer!