Interior Inspiration: Urban Jungle Bloggers


I happened upon the @urbanjunglebloggers Instagram feed a few nights ago and I was immediately sold. I have always been a huge fan of plants indoors. They add a lot of green to the room, come with their own health benefits, and brighten up the space. A few of my favorite plants are Read More

Interior Inspiration: Macrame Plant Hangers

Since moving into my new apartment a few months ago, my goal has been to have as many plants as I think I can manage. It turns out caring for plants is pretty tough – you don’t want to over water, nor do you want to under water. Plus, your watering habits have to change as the seasons do. You can’t forget enough sunlight and so many other variables! And to think it’s just a plant! Imagine what a having a kid must be like!

I’ve been on hunt for creative ways to use my plants to decorate around my apartment and macrame plant hangers were an option I just loved. Today, I am sharing a few with you.

macrame hangers

one | two | three

The Art of Coffee Table Styling

We have time and time and time again seen exquisitely laid out coffee tables and coffee table trays that give me the idea that people do not truly live and use these living rooms because I am incapable of having my own coffee table look so perfectly laid out and uncluttered for more than two days at a time. A few months ago I moved into a new apartment and of course before decorating I turned to Pinterest (my handy dandy, trusty, visual inspiration guide) for some ideas on how to style my own coffee table.




I borrowed a few ideas from these coffee tables incorporating a gold and white tray, large picture books on mine – they were architecture related, a candle that smelled way too good, and the flowers from the bouquet I carried in my best friend’s wedding.