Currently Coveting: Tassel Earrings

A few months ago, I did a big chop, again. My hair is quite possibly the shortest it has ever been over all right now. Of course, along with a big chop comes some major revamping of my wardrobe. I have started to experiment with tassel earrings. I really like the texture they add to a look. Today, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite finds with you. It was a little hard to narrow them down to just a select few.

one | two | three | four

Currently Coveting: The Holiday Gift List Edition


one – We Dream in Colour Verdant Necklace
two – We Dream in Colour Begonia Earrings
three – Kate Spade’s Cameron Street Lane
four – Fossil Jacqueline Three-Hand Black Leather Watch
five – Santa Isla’s Cleo Okama Higher

Currently Coveting: The Apartment Edition

Having moved into a new apartment, there were a few things on my list of must haves. Some of them I have wanted for a very long time, others I have spotted recently. I decided to share these with you today.


  • one – A macrame plant hanger. I am super excited to try making one myself. This one is from
  • two – A Baroque mirror. This one is from Ikea.
  • three – The original version of this chair is the Louis Ghost Chair which has a pretty interesting history and goes for a pretty hefty price. To get your own, search google for the knock offs, and if you need some inspiration, check here.
  • four – Tropical plants, this one specifically is a bird of paradise. I love the idea of big, green leafs indoor. For ideas on how to add them to your space, see a previous post here.
  • five  – Planters to add more green to your space. This one from Earth Bound Trading.
  • six – agate coasters
  • seven – The BaliHai series of place mats are sure to add a tropical feeling to your homes. They come in a variety of leaf types.