Think piece: on Caribbean designers

So from outfit posts and following along on my instagram (if you aren’t following then what are you waiting for) you will realize that I don’t just preach about buying Caribbean designers, I actually do go out and get my hands on pieces by Caribbean designers.

However, the process and the amount of hoops I’ve had to jump through to do this have made this a tedious task. Within the last year I have tried to support multiple Caribbean designers and at times it has seriously been an exercise in futility. I have reached out to designers and then Read More

Marissa and Michelle on Sex and the City


Today’s post is a little different. In honor of the recent twentieth anniversary, Marissa from Global Carnivalist and I have teamed up to write a piece about the popular tv series Sex and the City. 

Michelle’s take

The very first time I watched Sex and the City, I am pretty sure I was just about to leave high school and a lot of what was going on in the show went over my head. I then rewatched it sometime during grad school and again for the third time earlier on this year and during this time so many more things stood out to me than ever before.

I guess, for the time that the show aired that it was cutting edge and forward thinking because it followed 4 women who were looking for love in the Big Apple and they were somewhat feminists with careers. The series ended in 2004, and now, 14 years later I just can’t help but feel that there were so many things off about the entire show. Read More

a tribute to Kate Spade


Kate Spade New York was a brand I aspired to own and afford during my journey through college. I remembered spotting chic fashionistas like Nicolette from Nicolette Mason and Briony from A Girl A Style in KS and I aspired to grow up (graduate college, get a good job and make enough money) to be like them and not just dreamily peruse their posts and the KS website. My first KS piece was a tote that was actually a graduation present from my freshman roomie (she graduated 3 years earlier) and from then on my collection Read More

Travel Diaries: Chasing Waterfalls in Guyana

I decided to play tourist in my own home country recently when a friend came to visit. Showing the country to a visitor was a great way for me to see and appreciate some parts of it for myself all over again and even to experience new spots.

For those of you that do not know, Guyana was once ruled by the British and was actually called British Guiana up until they attained their independence. It is the only country on the South American continent whose official language is English and is home to six different ethnicities that have all contributed to the Guyanese society. We are a nation that can thank the Chinese, East Indians, Amerindians, Africans, Europeans, and Portuguese for their contributions to our food, religion, and overall culture.  Read More

11 Caribbean bloggers you should also be reading

I consider myself to be a Caribbean blogger for the fact that I was born and raised in Guyana – a territory of the wider Caribbean (let’s not get technical). My content over the years has evolved from being a blog whose audience was mainly my family, to having a wide range of topics focused mostly around fashion, Caribbean fashion, and interiors. If you like the content you get over here at with love from Guyana then these other personal blogs, from other Caribbean writers might be right up your alley. In random order…

MiniSkirts and Microphones by Ianthia Smith, The Bahamas


Stylish Lee by Natasha Lee, Jamaica


Salt and Shimmer by Rachelle Hay, Trinidad


Read More