Gossip Girl as an adult…

So, when Gossip Girl, the show, made it’s debut back in 2007 I had already read all of the books by Cecily Von Ziegesar – I am pretty sure I still butcher that name. When the show aired I had to watch it after being an avid reader of the books. I was a teenager, just about their age but not living in New York with all of that privilege or the lack of parental supervision. I decided to rewatch the series (while I sewed or did other creative projects) late last year and finished binge watching it a few weeks ago.

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There were a number of things that stood out to me, either for making no sense or just being so great.

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Feature Interview: Kathryn Nurse x Immortelle Beauty

So, when I came across the Immortelle Beauty line a few years ago and followed the brand owner on twitter her bio read “I drive a manual truck in 5 inch heels.” Now, my parents made me learn to drive a stick shift – as in I didn’t drive an automatic until I had a license in hand. However, I could not do it in shoes. No joke, I would take my boots, flip flops, you name it, off to drive. So Kathryn’s bio set me some goals that I can proudly say I have managed to achieve!

So now, meet Kathryn Nurse, boss babe behind the Caribbean owned skin care line – Immortelle Beauty.

How did Immortelle Beauty come to be?
I trained as a Cosmetic Chemist at an R&D research lab in New Jersey. Immortelle Beauty came out of me wanting to come up with my own concepts and truly take ownership of the products I made throughout the entire development, marketing and sales process. I wanted everything to be mine and me to be the face of the products as well. So I decided to move home to Trinidad and start my little company.

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Book Review: The Manny by Holly Peterson

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This is actually my very first book review that I didn’t read – because I listened to it! It is a pretty light book and is great as a beach read or something to keep you occupied while you wait around in an airport or as you pass time flying.

The book is about, as you would guess, a manny – a nanny of the male persuasion. Jamie, the protagonist, is a mom that married into a completely different social sphere from that which she grew up in. She fell for Phillip, who told her that one of the things he liked about her was that she had a career and goals other than marrying, being a kept woman, and becoming a mother. She ended up switching careers to become a news producer while she was dating him. He seemed to be a pretty dreamy guy as a boyfriend and pushed her to pursue something she was actually interested in. It was too good to be true. Read More

Why you should go to a Cirque du Soleil show

My Cirque du Soleil fascination started in architecture school. One of my projects was to design a tower for the company’s headquarters in Canada. For inspiration, I watched hours and hours of shows and from then on I really wanted to go see one! One of the biggest reasons I would recommend a Cirque performance to anyone is the fact that they do not use animals. A lot of people boy cut circuses because of the inhumane conditions that animals are kept in or trained in. Thankfully, this is not something that Cirque engages in.

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Social Media Etiquette

Social media is this really weird virtual world where people can become a whole new and completely different persona. This is something that you know if you’re a blogger because so many people preach about being “authentic” because there are so many people that aren’t.

I am so happy that platforms like Snapchat and Instagram did not exist when I was a teenager because I am pretty sure I would have had some major self esteem issues. I went through high school being reminded about how flat my chest was and safe to say it has been almost 10 years and nothing has changed. Now, imagine being an insecure 6 year old with a flat chest seeing all the likes these big bootied, big tittied girls are getting and I’m just here with my small kite frame.

To be honest, social media has its pros and cons. It has created a global connection for people who would not have been able to have any contact with each other a few decades ago. I have met many great bloggers thanks to social media, and discovered lots of artists and fashion designers thanks to Instagram.  Heck, Read More