Swimming in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is home to some of the prettiest blue waters you will ever lay your eyes on. That being said,  if you need appropriate attire to enjoy these gorgeous waters then there’s a plethora of designers to meet your swim attire needs.

I have to say that I have been a little disenchanted by swimwear lately. The reason for this may be two fold and one of them may have to do with the fact that I am an architect by day. Have you ever heard of form follows function? A lot of swimwear these days just don’t look like they’ll stand up to getting wet or doing any sort of strenuous activities. They look like they’re just made for boat cruise parties and posing on the sand. Others just seem to be the least amount of covering without being deemed as indecent exposure.

But all of that aside, today, I am sharing with you a few Caribbean swimwear designers. I do hope that if you decide to go to the beach in the Caribbean that you will do so donned in an ensemble by one of these designers.

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Feature Interview: Brooke Glasford x wear Brooke

Today’s with love from Guyana designer feature is of a Guyanese designer who has launched her line within the last year. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Brooke Glasford, keep on reading…

What sparked your interest in fashion and made you want to work in this industry?
There was always something innate that drew me to clothing. I’ll never forget being in Prep B and my classmates’ mothers’ asking me for style advice, or where they could go to buy something. I think I’m a little obsessed with fashion to be honest– I’m constantly in awe of new interpretations of old designs, and fabrications and I make an effort to consistently learn about the history of clothing and the way that it connects to architecture, engineering, and life in general. In much the same way I’m a businesswoman and buying behavior and retail trends are very, very interesting to me so the business of fashion became the natural path of my career.

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Theodore Elyett’s Junkanoo

Theodore Elyett is a Bahamian designer that is absolutely incapable of disappointing me. Every single design he has ever shown leaves me in utter awe and his latest collection reveal on Instagram had the same effect on me. He was the winner of Mission Catwalk a few years ago – the Caribean’s version of Project Runway – and I hope to one day see him and his designs on Project Runway.

Elyett took to Beijing China to give the east a taste of carnival through his Junkanoo inspired pieces. No, they are not carnival costumes but if carnival had a ball, this is what I would want to be spotted in.

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6 macrame artists to follow on Instagram

I have slowly cultivated a big obsession with all things macrame. This of course has led to me searching Pinterest and Instagram for as much visual inspiration as possible. It is a skill I would love to one day hone.

My perusal of Pinterest and Instagram means that I now follow quite a few macramists (is that a word or did I just create a word) and I decided to share them with you. Maybe I will get you to join me in my new obsession now.

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Satya by Charu Lochan Dass

The Charu Lochan Dass brand launched back in 2013 with a bang, and the designer has continued to wow us, or at least me. The designer was born in India but moved to Trinidad as a young child, and her designs reflect her background. Since the Caribbean is a melting pot of cultures, it is interesting to see how they are expressed through fashion and art and I definitely think that CLD’s expression is aesthetically pleasing.

Satya, CLD’s latest collection, was showed in UWI’s Instyle show and if you missed it, like I did since I am thousands of miles away, here it is for you.



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