Book Review: The Manny by Holly Peterson


This is actually my very first book review that I didn’t read – because I listened to it! It is a pretty light book and is great as a beach read or something to keep you occupied while you wait around in an airport or as you pass time flying.

The book is about, as you would guess, a manny – a nanny of the male persuasion. Jamie, the protagonist, is a mom that married into a completely different social sphere from that which she grew up in. She fell for Phillip, who told her that one of the things he liked about her was that she had a career and goals other than marrying, being a kept woman, and becoming a mother. She ended up switching careers to become a news producer while she was dating him. He seemed to be a pretty dreamy guy as a boyfriend and pushed her to pursue something she was actually interested in. It was too good to be true.

With the birth of their first child, things shifted and she cut back on her hours at her job to take care of the kids while he worked longer hours and wasn’t as involved in his kids lives as she would have liked him to be. She tried to handle the mounting anxiety issues her eldest child was battling until one day, while talking to close friends, she came up with the idea of hiring a manny (in addition to the housekeeper and nanny she already had) to fill the gap of masculine attention that existed in her kids’ lives because their father was never present.

The manny – Peter – showed up, not just for the kids, but for the wife. Phillip did not like the idea of a male caregiver and ordered her to fire him – which she did not. Phillip who was a lawyer was unhappy because he just couldn’t keep up with the Jones. His apartment was too little, he couldn’t afford to fly around on a private jet, and his wife still worked and didn’t dress the part he thought that she should.

During this time, Jamie was covering the story of a scandal with a very religious politician with an affinity for going through the back door. The story broke that the woman who was involved set up the network to show that the liberal network station would air any scandal against the conservative politicians without fact checking. Jamie ended up losing her job when the story broke and walked in on her husband with one of the other Park Avenue moms. Phillip in turn has his own work related issues and needs Jamie to cover for him.

In swoops Peter. Of course, there have been feelings growing over time as he tended more to her needs and stresses than her never present husband did because he was busy sowing his seeds elsewhere.  She ends up with him but not before she has to go through an entire melt down about whether or not she is able and willing to forgive her husband, and hashing through what a divorce would put the kids through. Jamie ends up using his work issue as leverage in her divorce to get exactly what she wanted out of him.

Would I suggest this read?  It’s quick and light and perfect for this summer!

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