Book Review: The Knock Off by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza


The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza was such a great read! (And I am not just saying that). Imogen Tate, Glossy magazine’s editor-in-chief, went on six months vacation for medical reasons. Upon her return at work, she was blind sided and discovered that her print magazine was being turned into an app.

The novel follows Imogen and her former assistant turned tech bitch Eve. Eve left Glossy to go off to business school (“b-school”) at Harvard and came back to the Glossy office with a new job title and a new found attitude. Imogen had not kept up with ever changing technology and was thrown into a situation where she was forced to learn very quickly thanks to Eve’s nasty ways. 

Eve, who clearly had a personality disorder, went on to date and marry Imogen’s ex-boyfriend –  a politician with a addiction problem who was also embroiled in a scandal with a minor (what a shock). She also bullied Imogen’s pre-teen daughter on social media – who sinks to that level? I am at a loss as to why it is Imogen didn’t suspect Eve was the bully because I did. Eve ruined the entire office moral, had the quickest turn over of staff I have ever read or heard about, and was essentially a slave driver. She made her staff do the weirdest things like learn a dance routine that they had to perform at her wedding. She created a nap room and told her staff at times that they were not allowed to leave the office.

Eve did have a good idea for the new Glossy app. Her idea allowed readers to purchase items they read about with one click. This is definitely something I wouldn’t mind Cosmo doing on their app. However, the way she handled, implemented, and executed the idea left so much to be desired. She even had her entire wedding live streamed so that the app’s readers could BUY IT NOW for any of the items they saw on their screens.

What I enjoyed about the book was that the story line was based on technology and we get to read about someone who was old school having to learn and adapt to new technology – something a lot of executives are being or have been forced to do. We also get to see a very precursory view of start ups and how millennial entrepreneurs come up with ideas for apps that have been connecting people and creating a market for things we didn’t know we could want or need.

Eventually, the app was bought out by another company whose executive had offered Imogen a job when they had met earlier in the novel. Imogen got the last laugh when she got to send Eve home and even banished her from New York.

Do I recommend? YES!

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