Designer Spotlight: Manish Arora

Manish Arora is an Indian designer whose work popped up on my Pinterest feed. It blew me away and sent me down a rabbit hole. I just had to share his garments with you. He teams up with companies like Swarovski (why not?) and embellishes his pieces to absolute perfection stopping right at the cusp of them almost becoming over done. In some pieces, you can definitely see an Indian influence of what looks like Sari-esque fabric. Here are a few of my favorite looks from various collections.



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Travel Diaries: Road trip to Suriname

In case you didn’t know, Suriname is to the east of Guyana. A little history – Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana were all called Guiana a very long time ago but then the different European monarchies came to an agreement and split the country up into three – Dutch, British, and French Guianas. Eventually, British Guiana acquired their independence becoming Guyana and Dutch Guyana became Suriname after their independence. Each speaks their language of their last reigning crown.

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Think piece: on Caribbean designers

So from outfit posts and following along on my instagram (if you aren’t following then what are you waiting for) you will realize that I don’t just preach about buying Caribbean designers, I actually do go out and get my hands on pieces by Caribbean designers.

However, the process and the amount of hoops I’ve had to jump through to do this have made this a tedious task. Within the last year I have tried to support multiple Caribbean designers and at times it has seriously been an exercise in futility. I have reached out to designers and then Read More

Feature Interview: Chantal Juman of the Babe Cave (Trinidad)

In today’s feature interview, we are chatting with Chantal Juman, a boss babe from Trinidad who is behind the Babe Cave.

How was the Babe Cave born?
Babe Cave was created after I moved back to Trinidad and Tobago to live in 2014. I realized quickly that the industry for Eyelash Extensions in T&T was extremely poor, and a little too personal for my liking. Coming from Canada, where you can find a luxurious place to have your lashes done at almost any corner, it was such a culture shock. What bothered me the most was being new in the country I didn’t know all that many Read More