Interior Inspiration: Gallery Walls

The new year will soon be upon us and some of us may have space related resolutions. I am an avid art lover, I especially like fashion illustrations. There are so many of them that yell out to me. A great way to spice up your living room, home office, sewing room, or any space really could be through a gallery wall of a few select pieces.

I found quite a few gallery wall inspiration pictures that I liked. I can’t decide if I like the mismatched frames or the perfectly matched and spaced frames more. However, I definitely do prefer all white frames it would appear.



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LN Monday Wear 2019

Laura Narayansingh is an architect and Monday Wear designer who has not disappointed since her first Monday Wear collection debut. HER – the LNMW19 debuted two nights ago and some of the pieces have already sold out. Can you believe that? I would definitely consider that a sign of a successful designer!

The Classic LN


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Let’s Sewcialize!

So, you should know by now that I sew. Just over two years ago I shared a post about the 2 things I learned/understand from sewing for myself. I realized that I have grown so much from then to now and I thought it was time for another post. I have also decided to make this #SEWCIALIZE topic it’s own category on the blog.

My pattern box is exploding! I now have two boxes – one dedicated only to dresses and another with tabs divided and organized according to tops, dresses, skirts, and playsuits. So far, I’ve learned that stores like Joann’s and Hobby Lobby will have sales every few months/weeks that you can get patterns that are normally $10-$20+ for anywhere between $0.00 and $2.50. Talk about a steal! Read More

Outfit Post: The Frill Shift

I started in with a series of shifts earlier on this year. With each shift, I kept the silhouette very basic and changed the details of the dress. Shift dresses are actually defined by their very simple silhouettes and if you want to know more about their characteristics you can check out a previous outfit post here.

For today’s shift, the simple detail I added was a trim of frill. I thought it made the silhouette a little more playful while adding length for ladies who want a little more coverage. I paired the dress with statement earrings in a style called soutache. Krystle DeSantos, a fellow Guyanese blogger who is into accessories and vintage style introduced me to them.  Read More