Product Review: Immortelle Beauty Candles

Let me open this review by introducing myself as someone who is terrified of open flames. TERRIFIED. When I as a toddler in NYC with my mother, there was a high rise on fire and I saw with my two little eyes, people jumping from their apartments flailing through the dark night sky on fire. Can you imagine the nightmares that I suffered through after that? But to this day, more than 2 decades later, I still have yet to light a flame myself, ever. I stay as far away from open flames as humanly possible. Thank goodness for electric stoves. Up to 4 months ago, you would have never found me burning a candle. So to be able to write this review means that I have come a very long way.

I continuously sing praises of Immortelle Beauty products – the Esscentials skincare line is unrivaled by anything else I have tried (read that review here). The scrub, shave, butter is my go to for date nights and is sometimes a part of my self-care ritual. Kathryn also ensures that her customer service is unrivaled by any other Caribbean brand (which truly isn’t hard) but she also goes beyond some foreign brands as well. Read More

2019’s resolutions – yoga, more water, and juicing

I like to consider myself somewhat of a healthy eater. I am lucky enough to live in a household that cooks multiple healthy meals a day – not a lot of deep fried food but lots of veges and a good mix of carbs and protein.


I don’t say no to my sweets and treats. I’ll eat cake and cookies for breakfast, cheesecake is yummy, I don’t say no to Cadbury chocolate, and I like condensed milk by the teaspoon. You name it, I’ll eat it shamelessly. Plus, despite healthy food being cooked in my house sometimes I don’t feel to eat meat, or rice, or… whatever it is on the dining table.

I have been super lucky (I was going to use #blessed here but I hate the way people use that word) to be born into a family that has really good genes when it comes to weight and metabolism. Let’s not talk about the genes that govern our eyesight though. But this has meant that I can look fit or slim and trim without putting in much work.

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Rose Gold Criss Cross Mules

I saw a pair of rose gold criss cross mules a few months ago and I wanted them. I felt like my closet was incomplete without a pair. They are a retro style with a somewhat modern color tone and I went in search of a pair that best fit me. Can you imagine that I spent hours researching a specific style of shoe in a just as specific color? But, now that I’ve done all of that, here are a few finds.

one | two | three | four | five | six

Spring 2019 Couture

The Spring 2019 Couture show ended not so long ago and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to you that a few of the pieces I saw gracing runways didn’t take my breath away.

First, let’s understand what exactly haute couture is…
according to BOF

To the normal person this means really high end fashion that carries a really high price. It is garments made out of top notch fabrics that are embellished to the heavens by designers that belong to the group of exclusive haute couture design houses. The garments are tailored and fitted to their specific clients. Sometimes they are one of a kind or very few are made, usually all by hand. If you look at Project Runway, the couture challenge always has the wackiest designs or garments that are most out there and look a lot like they should be on display on pedestals in the museum because they are works of art.

Now that we have that all covered, here are a few of my favorite pieces that walked the runways in Paris in this year’s haute couture showing.

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