Outfit Inspiration: Playsuit + Denim Jacket

This winter has been so brutal. Haha. I’m kidding. We’ve had about three cold fronts for the season and it was never below 40 degrees so I seriously cannot complain. Anywhoo, with spring approaching so quickly I wanted to share a simple date outfit idea.

s Photo Jan 21, 6 56 54 PM

I’ve found myself very into florals lately. I’ve even bought a few button downs for work that were all floral and bright. I find rompers are tough to wear because well… when the time comes to pee, things get a little rough and tough. In addition to that, the majority I’ve tried on always great me with fit issues. So when I finally found one that fit me I completely forgot about the peeing woes that came along with them.

s Photo Jan 21, 6 56 56 PM

s Photo Jan 21, 6 59 01 PM

denim jacket: here
this playsuit is gone but I’ve found you a few that are just as cute, check here and here
shoes: similar here

all photos by Crista from bahamianista.com

Interior Inspiration: Macrame Plant Hangers

Since moving into my new apartment a few months ago, my goal has been to have as many plants as I think I can manage. It turns out caring for plants is pretty tough – you don’t want to over water, nor do you want to under water. Plus, your watering habits have to change as the seasons do. You can’t forget enough sunlight and so many other variables! And to think it’s just a plant! Imagine what a having a kid must be like!

I’ve been on hunt for creative ways to use my plants to decorate around my apartment and macrame plant hangers were an option I just loved. Today, I am sharing a few with you.

macrame hangers

one | two | three

2017 Monday Wear

Carnival is right around the corner, and your visual feeds have been letting you know this since Christmas ended. My favorite aspect of carnival is always the design – whether it’s elaborateness of the front line costumes, carnival wear for the fetes, or Monday wear. This year’s Monday wear has definitely left me mind blown and I simply cannot even come to imagine what future years could possibly look like.

Laura Narayansingh’s collection



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Event Planning: Ghost Chair Seating

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time then you are quite well aware of my obsession with the translucent Louis Ghost Chair. You can read previous posts that I’ve written about this piece here and here. While looking for some wedding inspiration for a graphic design project for a friend I came across the Louis Ghost Chair used in weddings and had to share them with you all!

I just loved the way the chairs were laid out for the reception. It’s like a sea of elegance.


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Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

crazy-rich-asiansHave you ever seen Asians about your age strolling around with the latest Kate Spade or Michael Kors purses, driving the newest model year Mustangs or BMWs, and wondering just how they got it while you still piled all of your textbooks into a ratty Jansport? I don’t remember how I was introduced to this novel, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author, grew up in the society that the novel is set in which gave it some credibility for me, like maybe this really is how those people live.

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