Outfit Post: Gingham Shirt + Floral Flats

This red gingham Tommy Hilfiger button down has quickly become one of my favorite shirts in my wardrobe. It’s pretty masculine but I am currently in a lot of like with gingham prints. I always feel like I have to pair it with something that’s a little more feminine like my floral flats – this is probably because I once had a man exclaim “is that a boy or a girl” shortly after I’d cut my hair super short.

This pair of distressed jeans, let me rave about them – they are super stretch and are the closest pair of jeans I have to leggings. Yes, I am one of those chics that wears her leggings like they’re pants. They have become a very big staple in my wardrobe this season.

DSC09290 DSC09090 DSC09091 DSC09094 DSC09088
These photos were all taken before all of the hullabaloo in the news about alligators – a sad story; and that’s really why I’m that close to the sign. If it was after I probably would have been about a mile away. Remember to stay safe!

shirt: here | jeans: here | shoes: here

all photos by Crista from Bahamianista.com

Feature Interview: Kimon Baptiste from Kimmysticclo

Today’s feature interview is of Kimon Baptiste.

What peaked your interest in fashion and made you want to be a fashion designer?
I am not sure, I think I always wanted to be involved in fashion even as a young girl growing up, I was surrounded by seamstresses and creative persons, my grandmothers, aunts even my mother was creative as she taught me all the different types of decorative stitches, how to knit, and also how to use a sewing machine, so working with my hands and bringing creative ideas to life was always something that was encouraged in my family.

How would you describe your brand, your designs, and your style?
Uuuummm…. three words; colourful, sophisticated and chic.

#kimmysticclo silk romper #carnivalcouture #caribbeandesigns #caribbeandesigner #caribbeangirls

A photo posted by Kimon Baptiste-St. Rose (@kimmystic) on

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Outfit Inspiration: Mixing Patterns

Jamaican sweetheart Simone Neilson, designer behind MisimBeachBabe made me oooh and ahhh over how perfectly she mixed these prints in this ensemble. After seeing this, I went in search of some more print mixing inspiration for me to give it a shot one day! Here are a few other looks I came across and liked.

from lulusdotcom.tumblr.com

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Outfit Post: with love from Guyana cape top + skinny pants

I am super excited to share this specific outfit post with you all. Depending on how long you’ve been following my journey here on this little space you’d know that I have slowly been learning how to sew. Today, I am happy to share another outfit with a piece made by yours truly!

It started out as a sketch. Once I embarked on this journey to teach myself to sew my sister surprised me with a sketch book for me to get the ideas of what I wanted to create out of my head and down on to paper. I wanted to create a voluminous cape top and pair them with super skinny pants below. I kept the cape just a little short so that there would be a peek a boo effect.


Photo Jul 01, 7 04 40 PM

Photo Jul 01, 7 04 20 PM

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Travel Diaries: Artificial Reefs

Often times my posts tend to be about things I enjoy reading about or topics that peak my interest. I figure that hey, if it was of interest to me, it might be of interest to someone else too. So while I was reading about an Airbus that was just sunken in the Aegean sea in the hopes of creating a man-made reef and becoming a source of tourism I wanted to know about other ventures that were similar. I have long been interested in what happens below the surface of the ocean, there is so much life that is different to what we’re accustomed to. Sadly, these interests are what lead to coral bleaching and reefs being destroyed – those poor fishies. So I think a man-made reef is a great way for us to satisfy our curious nature.

Here’s the one that started it all – its an Airbus A300 sunken in the Aegean sea off the coast of Turkey.

from cntraveler.com

This was an old U.S. Air Force ship sunken off Key West.

from theatlantic.com

Jason deCaires Taylor does underwater installations with the intentions of the objects being taken over and colonized by algae, coral, and seaweed. They evolve over time and become the home to millions of organisms.

from grist.org

 The Cayman Islands and Grenada have a number of ship wrecks that have slowly been turned into artificial reefs as time moves on which are a perfect reef exploration experience and vacation idea.

from diverdaily.com

 In Thailand, sculptures of elephants were sunk into Siam Bay to help the reefs there recover from the destruction of tsunamis.

from urbanghostsmedia.com

In Bali, you can find objects like bicycles down below becoming colorful homes in the depths of the ocean. I am particularly taken by this image.

from urbanghostmedia.com

Which of these would you check out first?

Interior Inspiration: Florals on Walls

If you’re looking for a great way to add some florals and color to your space then I’ve got you covered here. You can either do this through wall paper, murals, or adding paintings to your rooms. Using this technique you can either add loads of color to your room or do it in a more muted manner.

from hellosociety.com

from brit.co

from etsy.com

from hautelook.com

from apartmenttherapy.com

Which one of these options is your favorite?

Travel Diaries: North Georgia Mountains

A few weekends ago, one of my closest friends got married at a vineyard in the mountains of North Georgia. A place that I must admit I never would have adventured to without a reason. However, I was so happy that she decided to tie the knot there. I got to witness some amazing views that I never would have come across otherwise; and really, who doesn’t want to spend an evening at a vineyard?

We were super lucky to stay in an area that had a lot of outdoor things to experience like waterfalls, panoramas of the mountains, and a suspended bridge. I will say, if you’re anything like me and can’t handle mountain driving then you will definitely need a designated mountain driver.  I thankfully only had to drive the night of the wedding when everyone else was drunk so it wasn’t bad – I definitely cannot complain.


  We did a quick hike and visited Sea Creek Falls. I’m pretty thankful for the iPhone Panorama Camera effect here!

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Outfit Post: Blue Dress + Carnival Ear Piece Giveaway

Today, is the second installment of the Merch Carnival posts. This is a pretty big deal for me! So keep on reading! After talking with Ashlee from Merch Carnival we’ve decided to host a little giveaway right here on with love from Guyana. It’s just in time for the Miami Broward Carnival and next year’s carnival season.

Photo Jul 01, 7 42 25 PM
My intention with this outfit was to use a piece that is usually only worn with carnival costumes as part of an every day outfit. Hey, it may look absurd to begin with, but eventually if we keep this up it could definitely be a trend – in just the same way that asymmetrical earrings became a thing.

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Feature Interview: Ashlee Douglas of Merch Carnival

It is with great honour that I get to feature Ashlee Douglas of Merch Carnival on the blog for a 2 post piece. Today is the first of the 2 part installment and we get to learn about the Merch Carnival brand. I promise that you will definitely want to come back for the second part!


How did Merch Carnival come to be?
I began my e-commerce business in 2012 during my sophomore year of college. I started with selling embroidered snapbacks. Initially, I planned on it being a temporary thing, make a 48 hats and once they were sold I was done, but I really enjoyed having something of my own and decided to really think through what I wanted as a business and a brand. I wanted to create a brand that not only exemplifies West Indian Pride, but showcases the work of Caribbean-based or Caribbean-inspired designers and producers. MerchCarnival officially opened May 2014 and is a product of my love for my Caribbean heritage, the people, and the culture that I am a part of and experience in my travels. The past 2 years, I have focused on MerchCarnival as an apparel label. I am now in the beginning stages of making MerchCarnival into a curated marketplace that features several caribbean designers.

What types of services are offered?
MerchCarnival provides an online platform for brands to sell their goods and reach potential customers around the world. We also have fulfillment and shipping services. Throughout the year we participate or host pop up shops and vend at various festivals. All of our brands are featured at each event. So all one has to do is ship their goods to us.

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