why do these 6 trends exist?

Let’s be honest, some trends we love, and just cannot get enough of and others we loathe and wonder why anyone thought it was a good idea. Sometimes, my mind changes though. For one, I used to hate skinny jeans and peep toe pumps as a teenager. I also couldn’t understand why anyone thought leggings were suitable bottoms. Today, I own countless pairs of skinny jeans and somewhere in my  college partying life I owned quite a few pairs of peep toe pumps as well. And if you ask anyone that knows me personally, I own multiple pairs of leggings, and I find them to be extremely comfortable, and think they offer a wide range of motion.

    • Matching sets –

      from thefashionspot.com
      at the beginning of this trend season I thought that matching sets were cute. Who wouldn’t love to wear high-waist paints with a flowing crop top in the same print? Now, I am so over it. After seeing pictures of almost ALL of the attendees at a soca event in varying palm and floral prints I definitely think I have seen every single fast fashion version of matching sets and they should all be burnt (except this is bad for the environment, a waste of fabric, and isn’t good sustainable fashion practice but you get my point.

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Currently Coveting: Trendy Resin Earrings

I’ve been missing for almost a month because life got a little busier than expected and I didn’t exactly plan for it although I do often try to.  I’m back with a bang and sharing with you some of my favorite pieces from this new style trend – resin earrings!


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

Artist Spotlight: Jessica Durrant

Jessica Durrant popped up on my Instagram. I am a huge fan of fashion illustrators and they always jump out at me. However, a different aspect of Jessica’s art caught my attention. She has a series of silhouettes that are all like double exposures except she’s painted them with nature.

I think that these would be especially beautiful on a gallery wall.

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The Lost Tribe 2019 slayage

Carnival band launch season is here. I find that my news feed is almost always littered with carnival costumes. If it’s not band launch season then some island or country has carnival and you just couldn’t run away from it even if you wanted to.

Click here to take a step back and look at the slayage that The Lost Tribe gave us last year. Every year I find myself thinking that if I were to play mas then it would be with The Lost Tribe because their costumes are always so well designed and executed. I live for carnival design that is done well, and that creatively borrows references. This year, the Lost Tribe pays homage to a culture that is across the Caribbean and is a huge part of the West Indian history.

Take a look at these pictures, they exude carnival and never once use a feather. Wow, right? As this post goes live, a few sections have already sold out and it hasn’t even been 30 days since band launch. I cannot wait to see what a parade of this would look like!

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