Outfit Post: Nikki Dress by Martine’s Dream

I’ve had my eye on the Nikki dress by Martine’s Dream for quite some time. It looks like the quintessential, flowy, tropical, vacation sundress and oh, I am a lover of sundresses. I had a pretty tough time choosing between the green and the yellow.s Lately, the weather has been perfect for sundresses and since I snagged the Nikki dress I just had to put it on while walking around downtown St. Petersburg a few weekends ago.

I really like the artsy vibe of St. Pete. There are so many makers and creative souls scattered across the city and you can tell from just driving around because of the various sculptures and murals that you will pass. This mural has been my favorite since I moved across the bridge.

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Currently Coveting: Colombian Necklaces

A few years ago I went into ExhibitA – a store in Trinidad curated by Anya Ayoung-Chee selling Caribbean designers – and came across the Santa Isla beaded necklaces. I have been trying to get my hands on one and they’ve all been selling out so quickly. I decided to look to see if I could find them elsewhere and I can! I thought I should share them with you in case anyone else was like me and wanted to find a piece for themselves.

from Mystic Roots Visions

from Maderitas Empapeladas

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Satya by Charu Lochan Dass

The Charu Lochan Dass brand launched back in 2013 with a bang, and the designer has continued to wow us, or at least me. The designer was born in India but moved to Trinidad as a young child, and her designs reflect her background. Since the Caribbean is a melting pot of cultures, it is interesting to see how they are expressed through fashion and art and I definitely think that CLD’s expression is aesthetically pleasing.

Satya, CLD’s latest collection, was showed in UWI’s Instyle show and if you missed it, like I did since I am thousands of miles away, here it is for you.



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Book Review: The Wangs vs. the World by Jade Chang

After reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, any book that has an Asian leaning to it peaks my interest. I think reading fiction about their culture, even though it may be so far off, takes me to another place and just keeps me so engrossed.

from elle.com

The Wangs vs. the World is about a man that moved to the U.S. with pee and built a fortune out of it. He made the pee he moved with into a lucrative industry that allowed him and his family to live thriving and opulent lives until, one day, they just didn’t anymore. The book follows their journey across the country once he looses his wealth, has to pull his kids out of private schools and college, and head east to his eldest daughter whose trust fund he expected to live off of but was also lost.

We get to experience a previous tragedy the family encountered, understand the characters, and eventually see the father return to his homeland in the hopes of reclaiming land that belonged to his family centuries ago.

Would I recommend this read? Probably not as much as I would recommend Crazy Rich Asians, but to be honest, nothing I have read since then has been as good. But if you are looking for a good read, then yes.