Artist Spotlight: Lindsay Sherbondy

I’ve been on the look out for abstract art pieces that I like and would be a good fit for my apartment. There were a few paintings that popped up on my Pinterest and time and time again they were all by the same artist. Of course, I had to share! The artist is Lindsay Sherbondy from She is a calligraphy artist and has a line of gifts and other stationary related items in addition to these abstract canvases I am fawning all over.


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Outfit Inspiration: Date Night Options

Fall is definitely my favorite season. The relief from summer’s ever present heat and humidity makes me so happy to be outdoors. This also translates to dates outdoors. I just snagged myself my first ever denim jacket and of course I am now on the market for cute floral summer dresses to pair with it. Here are a few of my favorites I’ve come across. Although, I’ll admit that some of these options may be a little too dressed up for a denim jacket.


Floral Open Back Skater Dress

San Souci Floral Skater Dress

Floral Cami Mini Dress

Floral Print A-Line Dress

Outfit Post: Black Dress + Sequin Sneakers

I have been wanting the KEDS for Kate Spade New York glitter sneakers since last year. If you don’t know as yet, I like shiny, sparkly things – glitter or sequin covered it is probably going to catch my eye.


They were the perfect sneaker to pair with girly outfits that let you be edgy and comfortable. I, of course, planned a barrage of outfits around them and this was one of my favorites. I liked the flirty length of the dress and the frill down the front.

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Book Review: First Comes Love by Emily Giffin


I first read an Emily Giffin novel about five years ago. Her pastel colored novels were on the shelf of every Barnes and Noble I went into and they kept catching my eye. I have long been a lover of chic lit and the reviews all seemed good.

I truly enjoyed them up until the second to last. That one was a little too much for me. So, I was skeptical about this one, but she didn’t disappoint.

Giffin does such a great job at making her readers relate to her characters with her words and that’s why I enjoy her. There is always emotional strife that keeps you reading because you want to know exactly how it will go and you feel for the characters in every single chapter.

This one certainly lives up to that. There is a death in the family that they just don’t recover from, fall apart because of, and it ends up affecting many decisions years later. The novel examines how many things happened as a result of the death and have the characters question how different life would be had it not happened. Without spoiling the plot line, we get to make connections and see what led up to the accident causing the death. In the end, all is well that ends well.

Interior Inspiration: Moroccan Arches

Lately, I have been fawning all over Moroccan arches. I like the angles, curves, points, and intricacies they add to what can otherwise be a simple space. However, I’ve found them often paired with other Moroccan design elements like ornate patterns, which I am also a fan of. Here are a few of my favorites.




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Outfit Post: Stripe Dress + Floral Flats

In keeping with challenging myself to combine prints successfully, here is another attempt. My intention with this outfit was to mix patterns while keeping the outfit monochromatic.

Photo Aug 28, 5 19 32 PMMy sister is uber curvy and always does a great job at pulling off wrap dresses. Of course, as her little sister I wanted to do the same. With one simple tie in the back the dress can get difficult at times to keep your modesty in check, but I’ve managed to keep myself covered.

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Currently Coveting: The Apartment Edition

Having moved into a new apartment, there were a few things on my list of must haves. Some of them I have wanted for a very long time, others I have spotted recently. I decided to share these with you today.


  • one – A macrame plant hanger. I am super excited to try making one myself. This one is from
  • two – A Baroque mirror. This one is from Ikea.
  • three – The original version of this chair is the Louis Ghost Chair which has a pretty interesting history and goes for a pretty hefty price. To get your own, search google for the knock offs, and if you need some inspiration, check here.
  • four – Tropical plants, this one specifically is a bird of paradise. I love the idea of big, green leafs indoor. For ideas on how to add them to your space, see a previous post here.
  • five  – Planters to add more green to your space. This one from Earth Bound Trading.
  • six – agate coasters
  • seven – The BaliHai series of place mats are sure to add a tropical feeling to your homes. They come in a variety of leaf types.

Interior Inspiration: Tropical Indoors

I recently moved to a new apartment and wanted to add some green to my new space. I knew that I wanted something that was fairly tall and had big tropical leaves sort of like a palm or banana leaf but I wasn’t sure what route to take. I also wasn’t sure what kind of plant would help me achieve the look that I was going for.

So of course I turned to my trusty visual resource – Pinterest. I found a chart that showed leaf types along with their plant name and I was set to go. Here are a few of my favorites visuals, of course I had to share.


I wanted to go with something along the lines of the banana leaf or birds of paradise but I also like the split leaf philodendron so that might be next on the list.

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