Outfit Post: Print Mixed Playsuit

I really wanted to try my hand at mixing prints in an outfit I was making. I think that there are a handful of people that do it wonderfully and it is definitely a skill that I would like to hone as a designer. I feel like it would set my garments and collections apart if it was something I could excel at. Here is my first attempt.

I paired a blue animal print-esque pattern with blue and white stripes, treating the stripes like a neutral as I have seen many other fashionistas do, to make a playsuit that I think would be perfect for fete-ing Read More

Bloom: The Easter Collection by Poshelle

Yesterday, the St. Vincentian brand called Poshelle launched their Easter collection titled Bloom. The collection is an array of swim pieces that are made from the most gorgeous floral patterns hence the name Bloom! The floral appliques that you see were all hand cut and hand stitched which just adds to the wow factor of the entire collection. There are quite a few of these pieces that I wouldn’t mind being seen in.

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Book Review: The Manny by Holly Peterson

from harpercollins.co.uk

This is actually my very first book review that I didn’t read – because I listened to it! It is a pretty light book and is great as a beach read or something to keep you occupied while you wait around in an airport or as you pass time flying.

The book is about, as you would guess, a manny – a nanny of the male persuasion. Jamie, the protagonist, is a mom that married into a completely different social sphere from that which she grew up in. She fell for Phillip, who told her that one of the things he liked about her was that she had a career and goals other than marrying, being a kept woman, and becoming a mother. She ended up switching careers to become a news producer while she was dating him. He seemed to be a pretty dreamy guy as a boyfriend and pushed her to pursue something she was actually interested in. It was too good to be true. Read More

Outfit Inspiration: Floral Blazers

from brahmin.com

I went into town to run an errand a few weeks ago and come across a tante that had on a brightly colored floral blazer, a pair of jeans, and her shoes and jewelry were all complementary colors from her blazer. I felt driven to take a picture of her, like a street style picture but then I felt like it would have been really weird of me. I don’t think people in Guyana are accustomed to that sort of thing.

So that encounter, turned into me thinking that she looked so snazzy that I wanted to look for some floral blazer outfit ideas and share it with you all – especially since spring is about to jump in on us. So here are a few of my favorite floral blazer spring looks!

from esther.com.au

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Product Review: Immortelle Beauty

Let’s talk all about Immortelle Beauty! Immortelle is the baby of Kathryn Nurse who sent me some product just a few days before Christmas and it was probably one of my better received gifts last year.

Immortelle is a Caribbean skincare brand that is formulated and packaged right in the West Indies – in the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It is Caribbean to the core as even the branding is done by a Caribbean branding firm!

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