Outfit Post: Stripe Dress + Floral Flats

In keeping with challenging myself to combine prints successfully, here is another attempt. My intention with this outfit was to mix patterns while keeping the outfit monochromatic.

Photo Aug 28, 5 19 32 PMMy sister is uber curvy and always does a great job at pulling off wrap dresses. Of course, as her little sister I wanted to do the same. With one simple tie in the back the dress can get difficult at times to keep your modesty in check, but I’ve managed to keep myself covered.

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Currently Coveting: The Apartment Edition

Having moved into a new apartment, there were a few things on my list of must haves. Some of them I have wanted for a very long time, others I have spotted recently. I decided to share these with you today.


  • one – A macrame plant hanger. I am super excited to try making one myself. This one is from tapasnalingua.com
  • two – A Baroque mirror. This one is from Ikea.
  • three – The original version of this chair is the Louis Ghost Chair which has a pretty interesting history and goes for a pretty hefty price. To get your own, search google for the knock offs, and if you need some inspiration, check here.
  • four – Tropical plants, this one specifically is a bird of paradise. I love the idea of big, green leafs indoor. For ideas on how to add them to your space, see a previous post here.
  • five  – Planters to add more green to your space. This one from Earth Bound Trading.
  • six – agate coasters
  • seven – The BaliHai series of place mats are sure to add a tropical feeling to your homes. They come in a variety of leaf types.

Interior Inspiration: Tropical Indoors

I recently moved to a new apartment and wanted to add some green to my new space. I knew that I wanted something that was fairly tall and had big tropical leaves sort of like a palm or banana leaf but I wasn’t sure what route to take. I also wasn’t sure what kind of plant would help me achieve the look that I was going for.

So of course I turned to my trusty visual resource – Pinterest. I found a chart that showed leaf types along with their plant name and I was set to go. Here are a few of my favorites visuals, of course I had to share.

from diyandmag.com

I wanted to go with something along the lines of the banana leaf or birds of paradise but I also like the split leaf philodendron so that might be next on the list.

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Book Review: The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger

Lauren Weisberger is the author behind The Devil Wears Prada and a number of other books that I have read. I was introduced to her through the movie, I didn’t at that time know that it was a novel until I happened upon it on my cousin’s bookshelf and ever since then I’ve been reading everything she writes.

from hellosubscription.com


Her latest piece The Singles Game is interestingly named as it is about dating games as much as it is about tennis. She writes about a young female tennis player that injures herself within the first few chapters and spends the rest of the book recovering after her surgery and then pushing herself, through hiring a terrible coach, to become the best. As chic lit as they come, which I enjoy, we get to meet a rival with a crack addiction; see the protagonist go through a makeover; meet a coach that is a jerk, her brother, and her dad and his love story that will make you go “awe;” and some other love stories that you just didn’t expect or on the other hand knew were going to happen. The story line is built heavily on tennis and what the professional sporting world looks like with lots of travelling, social events, dating for appearance, training, dieting, and no alcohol.

It is a great light read for the summer. Definitely worth taking to the beach. Weisberger has yet to disappoint. What have you been reading this summer?

Outfit Post: Gingham Shirt + Floral Flats

This red gingham Tommy Hilfiger button down has quickly become one of my favorite shirts in my wardrobe. It’s pretty masculine but I am currently in a lot of like with gingham prints. I always feel like I have to pair it with something that’s a little more feminine like my floral flats – this is probably because I once had a man exclaim “is that a boy or a girl” shortly after I’d cut my hair super short.

This pair of distressed jeans, let me rave about them – they are super stretch and are the closest pair of jeans I have to leggings. Yes, I am one of those chics that wears her leggings like they’re pants. They have become a very big staple in my wardrobe this season.

DSC09290 DSC09090 DSC09091 DSC09094 DSC09088
These photos were all taken before all of the hullabaloo in the news about alligators – a sad story; and that’s really why I’m that close to the sign. If it was after I probably would have been about a mile away. Remember to stay safe!

shirt: here | jeans: here | shoes: here

all photos by Crista from Bahamianista.com

Feature Interview: Kimon Baptiste from Kimmysticclo

Today’s feature interview is of Kimon Baptiste.

What peaked your interest in fashion and made you want to be a fashion designer?
I am not sure, I think I always wanted to be involved in fashion even as a young girl growing up, I was surrounded by seamstresses and creative persons, my grandmothers, aunts even my mother was creative as she taught me all the different types of decorative stitches, how to knit, and also how to use a sewing machine, so working with my hands and bringing creative ideas to life was always something that was encouraged in my family.

How would you describe your brand, your designs, and your style?
Uuuummm…. three words; colourful, sophisticated and chic.

#kimmysticclo silk romper #carnivalcouture #caribbeandesigns #caribbeandesigner #caribbeangirls

A photo posted by Kimon Baptiste-St. Rose (@kimmystic) on

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Outfit Inspiration: Mixing Patterns

Jamaican sweetheart Simone Neilson, designer behind MisimBeachBabe made me oooh and ahhh over how perfectly she mixed these prints in this ensemble. After seeing this, I went in search of some more print mixing inspiration for me to give it a shot one day! Here are a few other looks I came across and liked.

from lulusdotcom.tumblr.com

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Outfit Post: with love from Guyana cape top + skinny pants

I am super excited to share this specific outfit post with you all. Depending on how long you’ve been following my journey here on this little space you’d know that I have slowly been learning how to sew. Today, I am happy to share another outfit with a piece made by yours truly!

It started out as a sketch. Once I embarked on this journey to teach myself to sew my sister surprised me with a sketch book for me to get the ideas of what I wanted to create out of my head and down on to paper. I wanted to create a voluminous cape top and pair them with super skinny pants below. I kept the cape just a little short so that there would be a peek a boo effect.


Photo Jul 01, 7 04 40 PM

Photo Jul 01, 7 04 20 PM

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