Travel Diaries: North Georgia Mountains

A few weekends ago, one of my closest friends got married at a vineyard in the mountains of North Georgia. A place that I must admit I never would have adventured to without a reason. However, I was so happy that she decided to tie the knot there. I got to witness some amazing views that I never would have come across otherwise; and really, who doesn’t want to spend an evening at a vineyard?

We were super lucky to stay in an area that had a lot of outdoor things to experience like waterfalls, panoramas of the mountains, and a suspended bridge. I will say, if you’re anything like me and can’t handle mountain driving then you will definitely need a designated mountain driver.  I thankfully only had to drive the night of the wedding when everyone else was drunk so it wasn’t bad – I definitely cannot complain.


  We did a quick hike and visited Sea Creek Falls. I’m pretty thankful for the iPhone Panorama Camera effect here!

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Outfit Post: Blue Dress + Carnival Ear Piece Giveaway

Today, is the second installment of the Merch Carnival posts. This is a pretty big deal for me! So keep on reading! After talking with Ashlee from Merch Carnival we’ve decided to host a little giveaway right here on with love from Guyana. It’s just in time for the Miami Broward Carnival and next year’s carnival season.

Photo Jul 01, 7 42 25 PM
My intention with this outfit was to use a piece that is usually only worn with carnival costumes as part of an every day outfit. Hey, it may look absurd to begin with, but eventually if we keep this up it could definitely be a trend – in just the same way that asymmetrical earrings became a thing.

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Feature Interview: Ashlee Douglas of Merch Carnival

It is with great honour that I get to feature Ashlee Douglas of Merch Carnival on the blog for a 2 post piece. Today is the first of the 2 part installment and we get to learn about the Merch Carnival brand. I promise that you will definitely want to come back for the second part!


How did Merch Carnival come to be?
I began my e-commerce business in 2012 during my sophomore year of college. I started with selling embroidered snapbacks. Initially, I planned on it being a temporary thing, make a 48 hats and once they were sold I was done, but I really enjoyed having something of my own and decided to really think through what I wanted as a business and a brand. I wanted to create a brand that not only exemplifies West Indian Pride, but showcases the work of Caribbean-based or Caribbean-inspired designers and producers. MerchCarnival officially opened May 2014 and is a product of my love for my Caribbean heritage, the people, and the culture that I am a part of and experience in my travels. The past 2 years, I have focused on MerchCarnival as an apparel label. I am now in the beginning stages of making MerchCarnival into a curated marketplace that features several caribbean designers.

What types of services are offered?
MerchCarnival provides an online platform for brands to sell their goods and reach potential customers around the world. We also have fulfillment and shipping services. Throughout the year we participate or host pop up shops and vend at various festivals. All of our brands are featured at each event. So all one has to do is ship their goods to us.

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9 Caribbean bloggers you should also be reading

I consider myself to be a Caribbean blogger for the fact that I was born and raised in Guyana – a territory of the wider Caribbean (let’s not get technical). My content over the years has evolved from being a blog whose audience was mainly my family, to having a wide range of topics focused mostly around fashion, Caribbean fashion, and interiors. If you like the content you get over here at with love from Guyana then these other personal blogs, from other Caribbean writers might be right up your alley.

MiniSkirts and Microphones by Ianthia Smith, The Bahamas


Stylish Lee by Natasha Lee, Jamaica


Salt and Shimmer by Rachelle Hay, Trinidad


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5 outdoor showers that will make you want your own

With summer and the warm weather months upon us, that means there are going to be lots of beach days. Beach days = sand. I for one cannot stand sand in my space, so much nopes! Also, if you’re a West Indian you know mom won’t let you in the house after you’ve played jouvert or Phagwah. These five outdoor showers will make you want to add one to your home!






Wouldn’t you love one of these?

3 creatives to follow on snapchat

As we all know, social media can be used for great things and then not so great things. Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite things about Snapchat, a platform that is becoming more popular by the day. There are a few creatives whether they are artists or designers that share their process on snapchat and I can safely say that it is a joy to see something go from a concept to the finished product, whether it is an illustration or a garment.

Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Brooke Hagel (brooklit) – Brooke is the illustrator behind I love seeing a sketch go from pencil lines, through rendering, to a finished product; and following along as she live sketches at fancy fashion events.


  • Katie Rodgers (paperfashion) – Katie Rodgers is the artist behind @paperfashion and always manages to catch my eye with her whimsical illustrations. I love to see her paint palette, watch her apply finishing touches like sequins and glitter, and spotting her shadow dancers whether they’re made out of food, in the sand, or on an airplane window. Even Katie’s messy paint palettes are high up on my list of most beautiful things.


  • Theodore Elyett (theodoreelyett)- Bahamian fashion designer and winner of Mission Catwalk, Theodore Elyett allows his followers to watch as he goes from a sketch, to a fully rendered illustration. We also get to see when he turns a naked mannequin into a finished piece, and sometimes you’ll even get a glimpse of the client partying in his masterpiece. It is just breathtaking!

from @TheodoreElyett

Jae Jolly Swimwear

Jae Jolly is a Caribbean swimwear line hailing from the island of Jamaica Jamaica! I haven’t actually been to Jamaica (as yet) but from what I see of pictures of the beach these bikinis are definitely necessary. The Jae Jolly line incorporates spectacular pattern mixing and bright color blocking. These flat lays will prove it.




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Event: Carib Style Week Pop Up Shop

This year is the second Carib Style Week set of events. They were on my radar last year but I couldn’t attend since the events are 4+ hours away, and my mom flew in to see me that exact weekend. This year, I crossed my fingers and cleared my schedule to make the weekend until my friend’s bachelorette party came up – and there was no way I was going to miss that. Sometimes scheduling life gets hectic. However, I worked a weekend in (not always) sunny South Florida in just so I could make the pop up shop.

There was a variety of Caribbean designers to choose from such as ShopShari (you all know my love knows no end for Shari and her pattern combining), Sew Lisa, Jamaica Sandal Co (the reason I drove 4+ hours), and more. The team was super friendly, and it felt great to be back in the mix with so many accents!





All of the other events are happening the weekend of June 24th – 26th.

  • June 24th - Carnival Rocks The Runway – you’ll get to see the bands for the 2016 Miami Carnival.
  • June 25th – Beauty, Travel and Commerce expo, Caribbean Cultural Showcase, Caribbean Fashion Experience
    Epicurean by Design – Caribbean fashion and Caribbean food!
  • June 26th – Bikinis and Brunch – this needs no explanation!

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Fringe Benefits: 5 Ways to Incorporate this Summertime Trend

With so many beautiful details on the SS 2016 runways—bows, ruffles, crochet, pleats, and more—it can be difficult to choose a favorite. Today, however, I’d like to help you narrow it down by focusing on a very particular design that I have an affinity for, and that’s the fringe trend. It’s a dramatic look with major impact that’s easier to wear than some might think, and I’m going to share several of the best ways to incorporate this chic, shredded style.

From beachy bohemian to sleek evening elegance, fringe details have been dominating the fashion scene. Great design icons like Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch, Badgley Mischka, and Herve Leger have all jumped on the tassel train and are riding it full speed ahead this summer. Inspired by their luxe looks, I’m excited to share some of my favorite fringe embellished picks, and with a nod to pieces with strong architectural influences, I hope you’ll enjoy.


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Outfit Post: when the weather is fine

In the summer time, when the weather is high
You can stretch right up and touch the sky

Funny little factoid, Shaggy was my first crush ever, and I still have yet to see him perform! But anywhoo, if you’d like to rock a crop but are a little more on the conservative side, then here’s a look for you! I paired this crop with overalls, so there’s much less skin; and the excess of pockets means your hands are free to enjoy some ice-cream or froyo in the hot hot heat.




Funnily enough, I didn’t realize until I was writing this post that everything I’m wearing came from Target, except for my necklace which you can snag from ShopShari.

And since the weather is so fine, make sure you get out there and soak up some views!

photos as usual, all thanks to Crista from