Tropicana Stadium Redesign

Tropicana Stadium Redesign

The Tropicana Stadium site is currently surrounded by a large area of asphalt as it serves as the parking lot for the Tampa Bay Rays. In addition to serving its parking purpose, it also becomes a venue for other smaller outdoor events. The site is in use for less than half the year which means that it is clearly under utilized.

The aim of this project is to revitalize the area, which was once an active and thriving community but was partially relocated for the sports venue. Use of the area has decline due to a lack of of year round activity.

When the interstate was put down it created a divide in the city and part of our intention was to restitch the pieces of the city that were torn apart by the i275 through a reconnection of the city grids.

We wanted to create a number of green public spaces that could be used for recreational and civic purposes. This would promote a healthier city and create a network of circulatory spaces that would encourage the residents to be outside and foster walkability.

The site was also had a water feature – Booker Creek – and we understood the value of keeping this natural amenity. In addition to this, we wanted to ensure that this site was the permanent home for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Group members: KC Schweiberger, Jesus Lopez, Kathryn Voelpel