About Michelle…

I grew up in Georgetown, Guyana. As a child, it was my dream to one day be an architect and interior designer that created mansions like those seen in the Miami Vice remake, and with the help and support of my parents I was able to make this dream a reality. After completing my Master of Architecture degree at the University of South Florida, I spent two years at a high end boutique firm designing custom houses and waterfront mansions. I am particularly interested in working with clients to create their dream homes from the initial spacial planning phases right through to picking interior finishes.I have also worked on the interiors of restaurants, private institutions, and assisted living facilities.

Design is a language that I have studied and continue to work on being fluent and up to date with ever changing technologies. I have been interested in a variety of different design fields including fashion. Upon graduating in 2016, I thought that I should have a better understanding of how my garments were made and undertook the task of teaching myself to sew – no easy task. This has definitely given me a greater appreciation for fashion designers and handmade pieces. I would one day like to teach a university studio that provides a collaborative platform between fashion, interior design, and architecture students to see the innovative ways they could use technology and how they might inspire each other.

If you’re interested in the design of a new building, interior re-designs, need a creative consultant or want to work with me kindly shoot me an e-mail at michelle(at)michelleford.gy. Please note, I only work on residential renovations or additions depending on the type and scope of work.